USPS Schedule pickup|How Does it work?

USPS Schedule Pickup

Firstly, we have to know about schedule pickup ie., What is schedule pick up and how it will work. So, in this article, we are providing all the information about the USPS schedule pick up. Let us discuss our topic below.

 The shipping of your product never is the same sometimes and it will take some more days than what we thought. So, to avoid these disturbances USPS provides a service called Schedule pickup.

This is one of the best services to schedule a package to pick up at your house or a required place. There are some other e-Commerce (online) providers to schedule your packages. When compared to the other one USPS is the cheaper one. Mostly, this is the easiest way, free and saves a lot of time. This service is available through some methods. They are

  1. Priority Mail Express
  2. Priority Mail
  3. Global Express Guaranteed
  4. Priority Mail Express International
  5. Priority Mail International
  6. First Class Mail
  7. First-Class Package International Service

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How does usps schedule pickup work

  There are some ways to schedule our packages to pick up at the required places. Once you schedule a pickup, then your package will be delivered on that particular day you are given. Excluding holidays, Delivery of your packages will be available from Monday following Saturday. You can also schedule 3 months to ship your item and numerous pickups at once.

There are some conditions you should follow to schedule your package.

  1. You can schedule your package between Monday to Saturday till 2:00 AM CT
  2. You may cancel or modify your request about the package till 2:00 AM on the day of pickup that you Scheduled.
  3. Weight and length of the package should not be more than 70 pounds and 130 inches.
  4. More than 10oz or more than a half-inch of your mail items are not valid for pickup.

Benefits of USPS Schedule Pick up

Some benefits provide USPS to the customers.

  • You can return and recall your package when the item will not reach your criteria when MRS and PRS labels are provided by the manufacturers.
  • You can recycle your old mobile phones, mp3 players and small electronic devices through this service.

How to schedule usps package pickup

There are three types of options that are provided by USPS. they are

  1. Pick up on-demand service: This service is congenial to the customer who has to send the mail item at a particular day and a particular time, this is the best option to use. The charges will depend on the number of items that are shipping.
  2. Package pickup services: this is used to schedule your package to pick in the next delivery day for your items through a carrier letter in your route at free of cost.
  3. Collection services:  this is like a normal delivery of packages which customer drops their mail items in the collection box as well as a customer can also handover the package to the carrier or employee who carries out their regular deliveries and collection duties.

How to Schedule USPS pickup

Let us discuss the stepwise process of how to schedule a pickup through USPS

Step to follow:

Step 1: Go to the official website give

Step 2: Give the details that are asked on the page like name and address without any corrections and click on the availability.

Step 3: Select the required package to pick up by checking out the required checkbox and select the one. Whenever you select it, the schedule Pickup box will be highlighted.

Step 4: Click on the “Schedule pick up”

Step 5: Select the location that we need to pick up your package by the carrier.

Step 6: Before submitting the Schedule make sure that the given address and other details are correct.

Step 7: When your details are given are correct then click on “Submit”.

After submitting your application you will get a popup with a confirmation number. Then take out a print and keep with you for further use.

Here we are also providing a video of clear details about how to schedule a package to pick below.


 To schedule a package to pick up USPS is the easiest way and free of cost based on your selective services. We are providing the stepwise process to schedule your package to make your shipment easier. Hope this information will be useful for you folks. If this article is useful then forward to your friends to know more about USPS.

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