7 Best Tanning Oil Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

best tanning oil

Turning your skin into a pale summer look which you can show confidently in the summer is everyone’s desire and for that, you must try the tanning oils for your skin. Tanning oils give you the exact look like the sunburns but applying the oils would not take much of your time. Applying tanning oils on your skin is a quicker and enjoyable process.

The ingredients in the tanning oils attract the UV rays on the skin which in results gives a beautiful sun-kissed color skin of your dream. You don’t need to rush in the tanning parlor as we are having a wide range of tanning oils available in the market. Let us now discuss in brief the best tanning oils available in the market.

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Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil
Australian Gold Bronzing Tanning Oil
Dr. Mercola Natural Tanning Oil
ArtNaturals Soleil Protective Tanning Oil
Banana Boat Dark Spray Tanning Oil

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Top 7 Best Tanning oils 2021 (Our Pick)

1. Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil

Hawaiian Tropic Dark

This tanning oil has been enriched with the vitamin-rich Formula which is best suitable for your skin to get tan.

Your skin will look fresh and great because of its combination of vitamins A, C, and E. Also, it has been enriched with nutritionist ingredients like aloe vera and cocoa butter to treat your damaged skin.

It also attracts sun rays which will fasten your suntan and give you a glowing and beautiful sun-kissed tan skin. This tanning oil will give you a mesmerizing coconut fragrance which is very much safe to apply.

The safe formula used for toxic-free
Oil blended for rich dark tone
Moisturizer effect for smooth skin

2. Australian Gold Bronzing Tanning Oil

Australian Gold

If you desire to get perfect bronze tan Color then you must go for This Australian gold spray tanning oil. This oil is prepared from the Color boosting formula which is very much capable of Boosting melanin in the skin that would in result give you beautiful tan skin.

All the essential oils and vitamins are present in the oil to nourish that helps to hydrate your skin. Caramel, Carrot oil, walnut shell blend make it possible to attain beautiful glowing tan skin color.

The color-boost formula used
Increased tanning speed
Effective for darker skin

3. Dr. Mercola Natural Tanning Oil

Dr. Mercola Natural Tanning Oil

If you desire more skin-friendly tanning oil which can provide you a beautiful tan color of your desire in the simplest way, then Dr. Mercola natural tanning oil is the best suitable option for you.

This Oil has been prepared from nine Organic ingredients which are not containing any toxic compound and thus are free from any harmful effects. This oil is also hypo-allergic in nature hence it is considered to be the best natural tanning oil for all types of skins.

The hypoallergenic formula used
Gives you smooth and darker skin
Mixed of organic ingredients

4. ArtNaturals Soleil Protective Tanning Oil

ArtNaturals Soleil Protective Tanning Oil

This protective tanning oil has been prepared from a general formula which not only gives you a sun-kissed skin but also a hydrated skin.

This tanning oil will provide you a luxury treatment as 98% of the ingredients are naturally composed Avocado, coconut oil and jojoba oils for smooth and healthy skin.

This oil is very fast in its act which protects you from the harmful rays of the sun And also the antioxidants present in the oil helps to fight off free radicals.

High quality oils used
Safe and smooth for tan skin
Provides rich gold color skin

5. Banana Boat Dark Spray Tanning Oil

Banana Boat

Those people who desire a rich dark tone with a refreshment feel can undoubtedly consider this Banana boat deep tanning oil. It gets absorbed in the skin very quickly and hence makes you ready to go under the sun to take a quick sunbath.

This tanning oil is a combination of cocoa seed butter, essential oils and banana extracts that gives you a soothing and smooth experience on your skin and gives you a beautiful and darker skin tone on the go.

Provides smooth dark skin
Added essential oils
Pleasant banana scents

6. Banana Boat Sunscreen Ultra Mist Spray Tanning Oil

Sunscreen Ultra Mist Spray Tanning Oil

If you don’t want those kinds of tanning oils which leave a stain on your hands and clothes, then you must opt for a spray tanning oil. It gets dry very fastly as you apply it on the skin And hence no oil residues stick to your towel and clothes.

This tanning oil has been combined with extract of Coconut, banana, carrot in addition To antioxidants that protect your skin from getting damaged and dry and hence it gives you a desired tan skin color.

Spray bottle added
Superb results in water also
Uv protection

7. Sun Bum Moisturizing SPF 15 Tanning Oil

Sun Bum Moisturizing tanning oil

It is an all-purpose oil that is suitable for your sensitive skin that is always preferable in all tanning oils. This tanning lotion has been prepared from a hypo-allergic and moisturizing formula which is best suitable for the irritation prone skin.

Important ingredients like avocado, Green tea butter, aloe vera extract, Avocado oils, organ, coconut oils have been added to provide you beautiful sun-kissed skin.

This Tanning oil is also suitable for water lovers because the ingredients present in the training oil provides up to 80 minutes of water-resistant protection in the water.

Free from harmful toxic effects
Water-resistant oil
Moisturizer content


All the tanning lotions and oils available in the market are combined with organic ingredients and prepared with a formula that prevents your skin from harmful effects and damages.

It is very important to look at antioxidants and essential oils in the tanning oil which can provide you a darker tone easily and also it will prevent your skin from harmful toxic effects.

You can select the best suitable training oil on your skin from the market which provides you a nourished and hydrated skin on the go when you apply it. Hence the ideal training oil will help you to attain a rich darker tone of the sun-kissed skin color of your desire.

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