7 Best Tanning Lotions for Men Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

best tanning lotion for men

Tanning is a trend that is rapidly growing among men. In fact, according to a study, over 1.9 million men used tanning beds in the last five years. These statistics show its demand and popularity.

Consequently, if you are a man in need of the right sunless tanning products, then this article will help you in finding the best available option in the market.

Here we will recommend the best tanning lotions for men., Also, we have covered an in-depth buying guide that will provide more information about the tanning process. Thus, helping to refine your purchasing decision.

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Millennium Tanning Paint It Black
Self Tanner with Natural & Organic Ingredients
Devoted Creations CAMO KING Black Bronzing Lotion
Devoted Creations
Gentlemen G Natural Bronzer

Table of Contents

What is tanning?

Tanning is the process where the color of your skin gets darkened, and skin tone gets changed due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation rays. These rays are from natural sources like the sun and artificial sources as well.

Our skin changes color due to the availability of melanin. As a result, fair-skinned people have a low melanin level compared to dark-skinned people with extra melanin. The UV rays cause additional melanin in our bodies. Besides, UVA and UVB are the rays of getting tan skin.

Tanning is also triggered if we spend time sitting in the sun, and that is called sunbathing. The major difference with this tanning is that the sun protection obstacles do not come their way.

Why getting tan is necessary for men?

There are many reasons for men to have dark tone skin. Like women, they also have the desire to look attractive or different in the crowd. Hence, they feel it is essential to have a tan that makes them attractive to attract women.

Second, the person who belongs to bodybuilding wants to get a tan body for refining their muscular look.

These are the common reasons, and apart from this, many of them get tan before vacation to protect their skin if they go outside because they further get more protection from the sun.

Classification of tanning

There is a sharp category of tanning that people want, and you don’t need to take a sunbath always to gain extra melanin for the process.

We will further discuss the various ways to get tan that can create a dark tone look. The most popular methods of tanning are indoor tanning and outdoor tanning.

Consequently, before deciding or choosing the best method for your skin, you must know about both tanning ways in an elaborate manner so that you can choose the best way for your skin.

Indoor tanning

In this process, a device called a tanning bed is used. You have to lay down onto this device and allow your body to absorb Ultra-Violet rays coming from the device. It triggers the sun’s effect on your skin, and it is done commonly in spas and salons by professionals.

Outdoor tanning

It is the natural way to get tan. It is more fun and interesting than an indoor tanning method; besides, it is quite an easy and healthy method to get tanned skin.

For this to be effective, you should be naked to get a nice tan in this method. It takes almost 2 days to get the effects that we want.

Sunless tanning

Due to health concerns regarding the above-mentioned methods, you can attempt another method to get tan, and that is the Sunless tanning way.

In this process, you have to apply a sunless tanning lotion. This lotion works due to the DHA (dihydroxyacetone) chemicals present. The DHA merges with amino acids to give a golden brown look.

Safety Concerns of Using Tanning Lotions

Before getting the product, we must know about the risks related to tanning. These risks can be triggered while doing it wrongly or using the wrong product.

Along with the tanning lotions, there comes the awareness also. According to expert reports, it is crucial to know that tanning lotions with UV rays cause side effects like discoloration, wrinkles, skin cancer, and dark spots.

Therefore, it is advisable that during outdoor/indoor tanning, you must use sunscreen. This product will protect you from skin cancer as a result of the rays from the sun.

No doubt, it will take more time than the usual process but health matters. Meanwhile, sunless lotions contain DHA, and for that, we recommend you cover eyes, lips, and mucous membranes during the procedure.

What are Man tanning lotions?

Tanning lotions help men to get the look that they want and to stand out among the crowd. Outdoor or indoor tanning methods must contain bronzer and other hydrating ingredients that will appropriately bring out your skin tan with the help of sun exposure as well.

ConsequentlySunless tanning lotions are DHA formulated that will help you get your skin to tan without sun exposure, and it also contains bronzers.

To get the best lotion, we will provide you the best information about highly recommended products in this article.

Things to look after while choosing the best tanning lotion for men

There are some basic concerns you must follow while buying any lotions. This is irrespective of whether it is sunless and outdoor or indoor tanning lotions.

The following are the necessary factors that should be taken for the decision for men’s tanning lotion.


It is essential to consider the texture before you purchase a lotion. The lotion texture shouldn’t be that slimy because men don’t appreciate feeling slimy things on their skin.


It is also recommended you choose products that don’t include harsh chemicals, so check out every ingredient and make sure that it won’t cause any types of rashes or irritation to the skin.

Some of the vital ingredients include Vitamin A, C, and E. These vitamins will help refine the skin and make it smooth.

Along with this, moisturizing elements are essential also. They include. coconut oil, jojoba oil, the extract of green tea, Shea butter, and aloe Vera. These elements help keep moisture in the skin and if you are using a sunless tanning lotion. Make sure it includes DHA that will help you tan better. However, consider a lotion that suits your skin tone.

Skin type

Considering tanning lotions according to your skin type is an essential factor. Remember if you have dry skin, go with the product which contains more moisturizing ingredients. However, if you have sensitive skin, then go for a chemical-free lotion to prevent any skin problem.


Make sure you purchase the best product that suits your budget. Consequently, we recommend you avoid cheap products, because after all, your skin matters.

Best tanning lotions for men (Our Top Picks)

1. Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X

paint it black

The Paint It Black 50X lotion is formulated with the best and moisturizing ingredients that help to soothe your skin and tan your skin for a longer period.

This lotion has auto-darkening Technology and will work better on men with medium or dark skin tones.

It has an extreme Silicon emulsion blend that helps to moisturize the skin. Besides, it also has a cotton Blossom fragrance. This product is suitable for all ages as it does not contain any tingle.

  • Provides Long-lasting moisture
  • Auto-darkening technology
  • Cotton Blossom fragrance
  • The product does not contain sunscreen so it will not protect from any sunburn
  • Works for only dark skin tone people

2. Thermallabs organic self tan lotion

Thermallabs self tonner

This Self-tan lotion is a sunless tanning lotion, and the product comes in three different volumes so you can choose whatever you want according to your need. The product is more effective and is perfect for men’s bodies.

The product gives a Golden shade to your body, so men of any skin type can use this product for better results. Fortunately, it works within four hours, and you will notice a sun-kissed glow after applying this tanning lotion.

  • 100% warranty
  • Works within four hours
  • Not long-lasting
  • Less volume according to money

3. Devoted Creations CAMO KING black

Devoted Creations bronzing lotion

Devoted Creations CAMO KING lotion is the best-prepared lotion for men. Apart from giving skin tan, this lotion also works for anti-aging benefits. It is formulated with a large number of antioxidants that will help to nourish the skin.

The bronzer that is included in the formula will give you instant color, and men prefer to buy this one as it has tattoo protection technology that gives tan without covering the tattoos.

  • Presence of antioxidants
  • Tattoo protection technology
  • Effective only for dark skin tone people

4. Devoted Creations H.I.M. Titanium Bronzer

Devoted Creations Bronzer

Devoted Creation specially formulated lotion for men with H.I.M Titanium Bronzer. It is a light-weighted product, and after the application, you won’t feel slimy because it’s a non-greasy lotion.

Meanwhile, it is an indoor/outdoor tanning lotion like others and has tattoo protection technology that provides you a warranty that the color of the tattoo will not fade after you get a tan.

The lotion contains a deodorizing factor to help you stay fresh always. Along with this, it also includes avocado extracts. These extracts will counteract the red spots from burning while tanning.

  • Tattoo protection technology
  • Non-greasy and light weighted
  • Odour eliminator property
  • N/A

5. Australian Gold G Gentlemen

Australian Gold G tanning lotion

Australian Gold G Gentlemen natural bronzer includes DHA and base coconut water that helps to hydrate the skin.

The Cell Active Complex helps to recover the skin while tanning. It also has tattoo protection technology which will not let the color fade of your tattoo.

It has a fragrance blend that contains Orange, Bergamot, Geranium, Green Accord Cedarwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, and Moss.

  • Moisturizing ingredients like coconut water
  • Tattoo protection technology
  • Fragrance blend
  • Greasy texture
  • Low volume

6. Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Lotion

Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Lotion

Do you want to look like a million bucks? Do want it with well-tanned skin, seeming as though your days have been spent on the beach? Of course, you want that, who wouldn’t? Well, this self-tanning lotion by the Bondi Sands brand is the key.

The lotion contains aloe vera that helps in hydrating your skin, preventing it from getting dried and flaky. It also includes coconut extracts; this is the source of the sweet smell coming from the tanning lotion.

Both ingredients work hand in hand to make sure the tan lasts longer. Besides, the lotion is absorbed quickly, giving you smooth, flawless skin.

  • Infused with dual tanning active
  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • It smells like coconut
  • It stains clothes
  • It might leave spots on the skin

7. Famous Dave’s Dark Self Tanner

Famous Dave’s

This is the final product on our collection of the best tanning lotion for men. Perhaps you are wondering how to get a tanner that suits your skin type. If that is the case, then you have found the solution to the puzzle.

This tanning lotion contains essential nutrients from plant products such as sesame, jojoba, and aloe vera. They help to soften the skin and also keep it moisturized and hydrated.

You can use it throughout the year to produce a consistent tanning result, and the nature of the lotion makes it easy to spread around your body, and it absorbs quickly too.

  • Nutrients from plant extracts
  • It softens the skin
  • It keeps skin moisturized
  • Weird smell
  • Forms blotches on the skin

Types of Indoor Tanning Lotion for Men

Essentially there are several kinds of tanning lotions found in the marketplace; these types differ in their strength. As a result, they don’t have equal capabilities. Hence, you must make your selection based on what you need. The different types available are:

1. Bronzers

This refers to a tanning lotion with a bronzing agent that helps to hasten the tanning process; there are several types of tanning lotions with bronzers. However, all the types are grouped into DHA bronzers and Natural bronzers.

The DHA bronzers have dihydroxyacetone as their active ingredient. As a result, they last for a long time, usually until you shed skin cells.

The natural bronzer is made from plant-based ingredients. They do not last as long as DHA, but they are equally for keeping your skin healthy.

2. Tingle 

These types of lotions are used popularly in tanning salons. They work in such a way that oxygen is supplied to the skin surface, making it accessible to UV light rays. This is possible due to the active ingredients, which give the skin a smooth, even dark color that lasts long.

3. Accelerator

An accelerator contains more moisturizers to help keep the skin hydrated and in good condition always. They are meant for beginners’ usage, and also for those who intend to leave their tan on for a long time.

The active ingredients work in hand with your skin’s melanocytes to produce more melanin. It has zero bronzers.

4. Maximizer 

This is the same as an accelerator. It is beginner-friendly too and can be used to get a natural-looking base tan. However, the maximizer is meant for people with a base tan who has an interest in increasing the tone of the tan, making it darker.

5. Coolant

We regard this as tingles opposite. They provide a cooling sensation after they are applied and so make you feel relaxed and refreshed. This way, you get a fantastic tanning experience.

Tips for Getting Desired Tan

  •  Your body must be hydrated while tanning. So drink water frequently.
  • Always wear sunglasses to protect yourself from the damage by UV rays caused to your eyes.
  • If you tan outdoors, keep in mind that it doesn’t tan for too long because it will cause you skin problems.
  • As a man, you need to remember to shave your body hair because the hair will stop the UV rays from reaching your skin, so shave properly to get an even tanning.
  • Always remember to exfoliate or scrub your skin before you get tan. This is because it is better to remove dead skin before tanning to get the best results.


So here you go with our buyer’s guide. This will help you to make the best decision for getting the best tanning lotion for men. As a result, it will help you look attractive when chasing the ladies and allows you to show off your muscular body too.

Consequently, if you want to have a darker tone, then use the above-recommended tanning lotions.

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