Best Tanning Beds Reviews & Guide 2021

Best Tanning Beds

Tanning bed that is also known as sunbed is getting more popularity with the growing trend of indoor tanning.

In the daily hustle of life, most people don’t have time to get tan outside. So this equipment will emit out Ultra Violet rays and provides Vitamin D to give people a darker skin color.

The inbuilt timer system also helps to limit the time of the person exposed in that ultraviolet light.

So in this article, we have listed the best tanning bed for your tanning procedure.

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Image Product Rating Price
Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home
Solar Storm 24R 220V
Solar Storm 24S
Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning Bed
Sunfire 16

Table of Contents

Best Tanning Bed (Our Top Picks)

1. Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home Tanning bed

Solar Wave 16

The Solar wave 16 lamp tanning bed is the best tanning bed from solar wave and the best thing about this bed is that you could place it anywhere in the home and plug it in any socket.

 There is no requirement for an electrician to fix it and no more extra bills because it required only 110 volts and that is available from any outlet.

This is built with the best materials and finest techniques which results in the best performance. In order to get the best results, they are designed with 16 high output lamps with an inbuilt timer of 30 minutes.

The frame is made up of aluminum and it has a tunnel pattern design. It has a flexible handle and you going to have the best tanning experience.

  • UV eyes protection
  • Energy-saving device
  • 16 high output lamps
  • Lifetime warranty for the frame and for other parts its variable (6 months – 3 years)
  • Cost-effective
  • Not use for tallboys

2. Solar storm 24R220V Tanning bed with face lamps

Solar storm 24R220V

If you want to enjoy a luxurious tanning experience then we would like to put up this tanning bed.

This device ensures the high durability feature and it is designed in tunnel shape with 12 Wolff output lamps in an aluminum frame.

It works very smoothly and has a comfortable gripping. The object is of the larger surface area provides you full comfort and saves your extra time. This is suitable for both outdoor and indoor tanning experiments.

  • High durability
  • Larger surface
  • Flexible gripping
  • Not designed for 110 volts output

3. Solar Storm 24S 110V Tanning bed with Face lamps

Solar Storm 24S

The 24S 110V tanning bed from solar storm is specially designed for indoor tanning or basically for private use that’s why it is formulated with 110V.

This tanning bed will bring you the best tan along with energy-saving service. It has an inbuilt timer of 20 minutes with 12 Wolffhigh output lamps and 6 face and arm lamps respectively.

It is affordable and includes UV eye protection. This bed has a larger surface area that is 30% more than the tanning space.

The bed is made up of an aluminum frame that is highly durable in nature and that’s why it comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Frame warrant
  • Easy for cleaning
  • Comfortable
  • Best power output
  • Affordable/li>
  • Available in three different colors/li>
  • N/A

4. Sunfire 16 deluxe

Sunfire 16 deluxe

Sunfire 16 deluxe tanning bed will provide you the most comfortable and easy-going facility with the best and timeless procedure. They have inbuilt cooling technology and an extra flow of air for the level of comfort during the tanning process.

It is designed with 20 minutes of a timer and easy acrylic removal system with pillow and goggles included.

It also includes Mp3 and FM audio system. The device is easy to use and there is no overheating issue in this bed.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Cooling technology
  • Easy and comfortable
  • Tall people will find difficulty

5. Sunfire 16

Sunfire 16

This Sunfire 16 tanning bed designed with smart technology to give the feel of commercial tanning without any cost.

It has inbuilt 16 Wolff Bronzing bulbs that will help to give a dark and bright look. It is easy to maintain and has an acrylic removal system for cleaning.

It can easily be plugged into a 110V receptacle. With the 16 Wolff lamps, it will not take a long time to get the best results. The tanning bed is of steel frame and has a decorative base and gives you the best and comfortable gripping service.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Acrylic Removal system
  • Cooling technology
  • Low Cost
  • Not comfortable for tall people

Buying Guide

The buying guide will help you to choose the best tanning bed available on the market. In this, we have compiled the things to refine your purchasing decision.

Things to consider while buying a tanning bed

Choice of bed

The choice of bed is the first main thing to consider while purchasing the tanning bed. Most of the professional beds are designed according to every size so that any person of any height could fit in that bed and they are called commercial beds.

On the other hand, private or domestic beds are designed according to the atmosphere of home and work well for what we want. So choose the domestic one to get the tanning experience at home

Wolf lamps

Most of the tanning beds are featured with wolf lamps and these lamps will take not so extra time for the tanning and you will get the tan all over your body.


In order to get the home’s tanning experience, it is worth spending the money on your needs.

Mostly, you will get good deals between 800$ to 1300$. So choose the price range according to your budget and requirement.


The warranty assures the thing you are buying is of good quality and doesn’t have manufacturing defects. So if you find any fault you can exchange the device.

Number of Bulbs

The number of bulbs directly affects electricity consumption. Generally, tanning beds comes with 16-24 bulbs.

So choose the one that best suits your requirements and expenses.

FAQ  Section

How long it will take to get tanning?

Usually, your body will begin to tan within 3-5 sessions depending on your regularity.

Does tanning bed help to get rid of acne?

No, it won’t cure your acne and if you have acne-prone skin then you must take advice from your dermatologist to have tanning by any of the methods.


We hope that the above information will definitely help in choosing the best tanning bed available in the market.

If you further have any issue regarding your purchasing then feel free to ask in the comment section of the article.

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