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Best Remington Hair Straighteners Reviews

In this modern era, girls need to style their hair to look stylish and elegant.

Straightening hair is also a styling process that girls often do. There are so many straightening tools available on the market but it’s not enough to select any product that catches your fancy as hair styling requires heat application and so it is important to make a wise purchase. 

Selecting the right product can be confusing, but not to worry, that’s why we are here, to meet your needs. So, if you are wondering what the best quality hair straightener is, then look no further than Remington, it’s the best brand on the market reputed for producing top-quality styling tools. 

Remington hair straighteners will give you the best service at a reasonable price. In this article, we shall be focusing on the 10 best Remington Hair Straighteners on the market.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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Image Product Rating Price
Remington S1005
Remington S3500
Remington S9500
Remington S1450
Remington S8590 E51

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10 Best Remington Hair Straighteners

There are many Remington Hair Straighteners and they are all good, however, the top ten are what we will be reviewing.

1. Remington S1005

Remington S1005

If you need to straighten your hair when you are late for work or you need to meet up with the girls at a party, can is an ideal option for you. It takes only 30 seconds to heat up as the plates of the straightener are coated with Teflon and ceramic which accelerates the heating process. 

The Teflon coated plates also work to prevent the adherence of Styling- & beauty products. It comes with an LED which will show you the temperature. 

Besides, the temperature range is 150-230 degrees. Along with these, the straightener is suitable to use anywhere. It includes a heat storage bag which makes the product safe and convenient to carry along when traveling.

  • Universal heat distribution
  • Teflon coated plates
  • Transport lock system
  • No cons found

2. Remington S3500 Hair Straightener

Remington S3500

Another product we love is the Remington S3500 hair straightener. It is ergonomically designed with antistatic ceramic coated plates that won’t damage your hair. The ceramic coated plates will give your hair more protection and will also deliver sleek and smooth hair without any hard effort. 

Also, it takes only 15 seconds to heat up at 230 degrees and the auto shut off feature within 1 second makes the product more preferable. The 1.8-meter swivel cord makes it easier to use as well as the hinge lock and heat-proof pouch make the straightener compact and a great travel companion.

  • Can be used worldwide
  • Auto shut off system
  • Heats up quickly
  • The plug is not ok for the UK socket

3. Remington S9500 Pro Straightener

This Remington straightener will give you a luxurious experience with a professional touch. The most interesting feature is its ability to heat up to 450 degrees within 10 seconds, along with its nine different heat settings which bring it to the top of the list. 

Moreover, it has an LCD that shows the temperature which makes it easier to control. It features ceramic coated plates that are infused with pearls, these features ensure the product provides you eight times smoother and sleeker hair than any other straightener on the market.

Furthermore, Remington S9500 Pro Straightener won’t dry your hair; while the salon-length swivel cord ensures the straightener can be used at any angle.

  • Pearl ceramic technology
  • LCD temperature display
  • Heats up quickly
  • Some users found excessive steam while using

4. Remington S1450

Remington S1450

If you are searching for a lightweight hair straightener then Remington S1450 is just what you need. It comes with super slim floating plates that act gently on your hair, while the plates distribute the heat all over the straightener. 

The ceramic of the plates ensures long-life plate wear and also protects the plates from styling products and scratching. Moreover, it heats up quickly, with a heating range of up to 215 degrees which is the worldwide voltage. 

The straightener will provide you silky, shiny, and smooth results. You won’t feel uncomfortable while styling and it won’t flatten your hair cuticles. It comes with a three-year warranty that makes it more eligible to use.

  • LED power light indicator
  • Great for short hair
  • Lightweight and good for traveling
  • Not UK standard plug

5. Remington S8590 E51 Keratin Therapy Pro

Remington S8590

The Keratin Protective Technology of this straightener makes it one of the most popular and sought-after straighteners on the market. It can prevent hair breakage and damage with its keratin ceramic coated plates. 

The 1-inch keratin protein-infused plates provide essential vitamins to your hair while straightening and keeps your hair healthy and strong. 

Remington S8590 E51 Keratin Therapy Pro can protect your hair moisturizer level by adjusting the temperature with the help of a heat-protecting sensor. It is lightweight and it can heat up within 15 seconds. It also comes with 450⁰F digital salon high heat that will give you salon-style straight and smooth hair.

  • Heat protective sensor
  • Keratin ceramic coated plates
  • Auto shut off system
  • Plates are not that wider

6. Remington S8500 E51 Shine Therapy

Remington S8500 E51

If you want a straightener to straighten and style your hair to perfection, one with a frizz control system then this product is for you. 

The plates of the straightener are infused with Frizz Resistant Micro Conditioners. Along with this, the plates are also infused with Avocado and Conditioners which prevent moisture loss and cuticle damage to your hair while also ensuring your hair looks beautiful and shiny (all thanks to its shine therapy). 

The most interesting part is that Remington S8500 E51 Shine Therapy includes an Auto dual voltage of 110v – 220v and it comes with a 4 years warranty. It has a temperature lock system and 430°F salon high heat.

  • Auto dual voltage
  • USA and CANADA plug adapter included in the packages
  • Has turbo boost mode
  • Plates snagged the hair

7. Remington S5500

Remington S5500

If you have thick or kinky curly hair, Remington S5500 is the most preferable option to go for. Its anti-static technology along with its 1-inch ceramic coated plates provides you the sleekest, smooth and frizz-free, damage-free hair and also helps in quick styling. 

Moreover, the plates also come with titanium protection coating that ensures fast heating in about 15 seconds and can heat up to 410°F along with its auto shut-off system. 

It has a smooth glide which makes the straightener comfortable while styling. The 6 heat settings options and LCD temperature display make it easier to use.

  • Anti-static technology
  • Has titanium protection coating
  • heat settings
  • Has electricity burning smell

8. Remington S2002 Hair Straightener

Remington S2002 Hair Straightener is the most budget-friendly and affordable straightener available in the market, it provides the best service at a reasonable price. 

Besides, it has fully rotating swivel cords and slim ceramic plates that help to move easily. You can also customize the temperature settings of the product.

The light indicator of the straightener makes it convenient to control the temperature. Along with these, it has a 3 years warranty and 110-240 volts voltage range.

  • Slim plates
  • Has a light indicator
  • Easy to handle
  • Gives a burnt smell

9. Remington S9620 Hair Straightener

Remington S9620 Hair Straightener is the most unique hair straightener that you will ever come across. It features a pink silk ceramic technology with a snag-free glide that gives a long-lasting result.

The 2-inch wide plates of the straightener contain ten times more ceramics which will give you the most straight, sleek, and smooth hair.

The plates are infused with silk proteins which help to effortlessly glide down your hair and give a professional performance with 455 degrees within 20 seconds.

  • Gives salon-style professional result
  • Has temperature lock system
  • 15 sec heat up feature
  • Not great for thick curly hair

10. Remington s9600 Silk Straightener 

Remington s9600

We round off our list with the Remington s9600 Silk Straightener, a product that comes with an advanced ceramic coating, a 3D effect design, and 2 times smoother glide to give smooth and silky hair. 

It has a wide range of temperature settings that heats up to 455 degrees within 20 seconds. The temperature lock system prevents overheating. 

Also, its silk protein-infused plates provide smooth and sleek hair with faster styling. It has a digital temperature display that shows the perfect temperature for your styling. The 3m swivel cord gives the super convenience to use it at any angle.

  • Temperature lock system
  • Has silk protein infused plate
  • Has memory function system that shows the previous temperature
  • Plates scratch easily

Factors to Consider While Buying Remington Hair Straightener

Before purchasing a product, it’s important to consider some factors as this will help you make the best decision tailored specifically to your needs. To help you make the best buying decision, we have included this buying guide. These factors include:


Price is the most important factor in any product. Before purchasing a hair straightener, ensure you compare the price to the value of the product, if it’s worth it then go ahead and buy it. Also, always have a budget and stick to it. Fortunately, hair straighteners are expensive, hence you don’t have to go out of your way before owning one.

Fix your requirements

Having a requirement before purchasing a hair straightener will ensure you buy a product that suits your needs. Hence, check out areas such as the power consumption rate, its temperature range, and so on before preceding. 


Products with warranties encourage a confident purchase. This is because you know you can always get a refund or a replacement should you find your hair straightener lacking. Therefore, ensure the product you are purchasing offers some sort of guarantee. Ideally, a hair straightener brand should offer at least one year warranty.

Why should you choose Remington Hair Straighteners?

Remington hair straighteners are best for quality. They offer the best service and will not harm or damage your hair.

The best thing is that these straighteners have different design features which nourish and moisturize your hair, maximum heating range and minimum heating time, frizz control and auto shut off system and so much more. Also, they do not harm dyed hair.

Here are other features that distinguish Remington hair straighteners from other hair straighteners:

Easy to handle 

The grip of the handles is amazing in that they do not slip while being used. They are small and light enough that your hands won’t get hurt while styling your hair. Besides, they are easy to use on any type of hair, from soft curls to tough kinks.

Advanced technology 

The straighteners come with all advanced features including an auto shut-off system, ceramic/Teflon/pearl coating, LED indicator, temperature lock system, and so on. These features make them perfect for styling your hair.

Sleek design 

The straighteners are so elegant and sleek. These pretty straighteners are reliable to use on hair and are compact enough to be taken on travels and tours. 

High-end cord 

Most of the Remington straighteners come with a swivel cord that is long enough to be used far from the plug. Moreover, the cords are made of superior quality materials, hence, they won’t melt or get faulty even when light isn’t so stable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to choose a hair straightener? 

To choose a hair straightener, consider those with high heat settings. This will enable you to straighten your hair effortlessly and within one or two strokes. 

What happens if I take low-temperature settings in a hair straightener?

If you take a low-temperature setting you will have to go so many times on the same portion of hair repeatedly which increases the damaging of cuticles.

Which is better for hair between ceramic and titanium plates? 

If you have thick hair, you will need more heat. So it will work better with titanium. On the other hand, if you’ve damaged or color-treated hair, you will need moisture, so ceramic will be the best option as it causes less heat damage.


Remington hair straighteners are best for simple, easy, and affordable styling solutions for girls.

In the above article, we tried to provide you all the available information that will help you to choose the best Remington hair straightener for you. Go for that product that will meet your specific hair requirements.

Happy shopping!!!





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