Best Japanese Waterproof Mascara Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Best Japanese Waterproof Mascara

Japanese makeup items have turned the entire makeup industry upside down in an amazingly positive way. All products emanating from there are always a hit back-to-back. Hence, they are loved and accepted worldwide, because of their price, effectiveness, and uses. Their waterproof mascara is not left out of the mix; it is formulated specially with techniques and ingredients that produce mind-blowing results.

Consequently, finding the best Japanese waterproof mascara is what you should aim at; this can be challenging, as several Japanese mascaras which are waterproof exist. Therefore, in this article, we would be looking at the top 5 Japanese waterproof mascara in the market.

We would also consider factors to consider when buying a Japanese mascara. So, read on to know more.

Image Product Rating Price
HEROINE MAKE Long and Curl Waterproof Mascara
DHC Perfect Pro Waterproof Mascara
HEROINE MAKE Volume & Curl Waterproof Mascara
Mia Adora Silk Waterproof Mascara
Shiseido Majolica Waterproof Mascara\

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5 Best Japanese Waterproof Mascara

There are several Japanese waterproof mascaras in drugstores, shops, and online marketplace. This fact can cause a stir in one’s mind leading to confusion regarding the best choice available. Don’t forget that buying the wrong product that does not live up to expectations can cause a dent in one’s pocket.

Consequently, our team took the initiative to conduct background research on the available products and highlighted the 5 best Japanese Waterproof Mascara. The products include the following:

1. HEROINE MAKE Long and Curl Waterproof Mascara


Do you need a mascara that is sensitive to the needs of your skin? Then the HEROINE MAKE waterproof mascara is the answer for you. This brand product has become a household name in Japan and can be found in most drugstores.

The product emphasizes lengthening your lashes, separating them easily and freely from clumps, and giving them a glossy finish. The product is very effective and lasts for a long time. Hence, the application of the appropriate quantity keeps your lash curls locked in the entire day. As a result, your lashes remain curled upward until your remove or wash them off. This characteristic is possible due to the Memory Shape Polymer, a part of the mascara’s formulating ingredient.

Furthermore, the product contains a special polymer called super guard; this polymer is specific to the brand and solidifies the mascara against sweat, tears, oils, abrasions, and water. As a result, your mascara remains intact irrespective, and thus smudging is prevented for the entire day. 

Finally, this amazing mascara is formulated with 4 different essential ingredients; Royal jelly extract, wild rose oil, Argan oil, and Camelia oil. Their function is to protect lashes that are very sensitive to makeup products, so you need not fret about damaging your eyelashes as a result.

  • It lengthens your lashes
  • It gives lashes a glossy finish
  • It protects sensitive lashes
  • Waterproof and resists liquids substances
  • Locks curls in all day
  • No smudges
  • Removal is not easy

2. DHC Perfect Pro Waterproof Mascara

DHC Perfect Pro

The next product that made it to our list is the DHC Perfect Pro Waterproof Mascara. This mascara looks easy on the eyes, simple yet specially made for the classy woman. First of all, it is essential to note that this product is highly suitable for persons with sensitive skin, either oily or dry, and even for normal skin type. 

Besides, the mascara utilizes polymer tube technology, an innovation that is currently making waves in the provinces of Japan. This technology ensures the lengthening of the user’s lashes over time with consistent usage. It is capable of standing the test of time as it is waterproof; thus, smudging is prevented alongside smearing or clumping. 

Finally, the wand is flexible and has a fine, well-structured bristle.  It is capable of picking out the tiniest lashes, thus helping to strengthen your eyelashes. Thus, it is amongst the best Japanese waterproof mascara you can find in the market.

  • Mascara is water-resistant
  • It lengthens your lashes
  • Uses polymer tube technology
  • No smudges, smearing, or clumps
  • Contains Beeswax to strengthen lashes
  • Wand is flexible
  • Can cause natural eyelash loss

3. HEROINE MAKE Volume & Curl Waterproof Mascara

HEROINE MAKE Volume & Curl

My love for the Heroine Make brand products cannot be described; it is best if one experiences them by themself. Previously, we looked at the Heroine Make long mascara aimed at lengthening the lashes of users. This time we would look at another fantastic product by the same brand; the HEROINE MAKE Volume & Curl Waterproof Mascara. The mascara is designed to attend to user’s needs regarding the increased volume of lashes and provides approximately 10 hours of curly effect on users’ lashes. 

However, although it is aimed at volume, it also performs lengthening to a large extent. So, using it provides you with the benefit of two for the price of one. The wand is another fantastic feature possessed by this product; the wand fiber is lightweight. This ensures that the wand/brush does not weigh down your lashes while applying mascara. Hence, getting long, curled eyelash becomes easy. 

Finally, it is waterproof, preventing smears due to water/tears that can ruin your makeup. The mascara is also safe and does not irritate sensitive eyes.

  • Waterproof in nature
  • Increased volume for the lash
  • It also lengthens lashes
  • It prevents eye irritation
  • Wand has lightweight
  • 10 hours curly effect
  • Not easy to remove
  • Not for sensitive eyes

4. Mia Adora Silk Waterproof Mascara

Mia Adora Silk Mascara

This mascara is a lifesaver for makeup fans in Japan. The product Mia Adora Silk Waterproof Mascara is for every bold and confident woman who wants to look the part. It has special features to help lengthen your eyelashes while also making them fuller and less spacious. The key ingredient contributing to this process of lengthening is green tea micro fibers which is a natural product. As a result, it is considered safe for use. 

In addition, aside from the paraben-free magnifying gel (1 tube) that is non-toxic, the product comes along with a tube of green tea lash extensions for lengthening purposes. It is equally safe to apply even when you’re with your contact lenses. As a result, applying the extensions to a wet mascara does great wonders for your lashes, giving them volume and length.

Finally, it also comes with a gift; a unique eyelash comb, which helps you remove any clump. They can be found in the nearest drugstore.

  • Lengthen your eyelashes
  • Thickens and volumizes eyelashes
  • Green tea fiber extension
  • Save to wear with contact.
  • Non-toxic ingredients.
  • Not easily removed
  • Can cause eyelash loss

5. Shiseido Majolica Waterproof Mascara

Shiseido Mascara

The final product we are looking at on our list of best waterproof mascara is the Shiseido Majolica Waterproof Mascara. This product is popularly called the long lash expander and lives up to its name in every area. It contains special ingredients which help to lengthen the lashes of its users with consistent use.

Furthermore, the wand has been designed especially with thin fiber stands that get to every lash irrespective of the size. Besides, the application of excessive mascara is not an issue as they can even out easily using the wand. This way, the incidence of clumping is prevented or reduced to minimal. 

Finally, you are rest assured of its safety in the water, whether hot, warm, or cold; this product remains waterproof. It prevents the incidence of smearing either as a result of rain or tears. Hence your makeup stays intact for a long period. So, don’t worry anymore about what mascara to use when you go swimming or chilling with friends and family in a hot spring.

  • Waterproof in nature
  • It lengthens your lashes
  • Clamping is reduced
  • Thin strand wand
  • No smearing
  • Stays on for long
  • Clings to your lashes
  • Not easily removed

Buying Guide On Best Japanese Waterproof Mascara

Deciding to buy a good Japanese waterproof mascara is a great idea, but knowing what to look out for when buying is the first step you must take. This is because, peradventure you do not understand the features of a good Japanese waterproof mascara, chances are high that you would buy just about any product that looks appealing to you. If you’re like me and have a fascination for colors or aesthetics, you’ll pick the most beautifully packaged mascara and this could sometimes turn out to be the wrong choice.

Hence, here’s a guide on the features to note when buying the best Japanese waterproof mascara.

Purpose of the Mascara

The first step towards knowing what to buy is to define the reason you want to buy one. There are two purposes for getting mascara; for lengthening your lashes and increase the volume of your lashes. As a result, there are two types of mascara; lengthening and volumizing mascara. 

The reason for this is because two people cannot have the same lash type, irrespective of their relationship. Lashes differ in length, thickness, curve, etc. So based on your lash type, you need to make lash goals. So, to accomplish these goals, you need the right mascara type. 

Also, your mascara should be able to pull off your ideal look each day and maintain that the whole day. All these features mentioned can be seen on the product package, so ensure you read this before buying.

Brush (Wand) Type

The brush, also called a wand is a vital part of a mascara product; without it, you’ll be unable to apply your mascara. Wands come in various shapes and sizes and features a different type of strands. It can either bristle, curved, or like a tooth. They help you apply your mascara, spread it out as desired, and finally give it a natural, delicate finish.

Besides, the wand size and shape are essential in determining the quantity of mascara applied when you use the mascara. You do not want to apply excessive waterproof mascara as they are hard to get rid of afterward. 

Furthermore, the purpose of buying the mascara would determine the design of the wand/brush. Lengthening mascaras have a well-arched brush, while volumizing mascara uses a brush that is thick and straight. 

Mascara Formula

This is equally essential; as much as you want to apply waterproof mascara and feel free all day without worries of smearing or smudging, it is also good you consider the formulating ingredient of the mascara. This is because waterproof mascara is not easily removed, due to its resistance against oil and other forms of liquid. For some of these, a mascara remover is a solution.

However, it’s good you know what it contains, so you know how best to remove them. So, first, you must ensure you get a mascara that can be removed easily, but if that’s not so, you can always fall back hot water soaking. This involves soaking lashes in hot water to get rid of the mascara. Avoid scrubbing with your hands, as this can cause hyperpigmentation. 

In general, look for a waterproof mascara that can repel sebum (excess) and oils but contains essential nutrients like your lash.

How Do You Remove Japanese Mascara?

Removing mascara is a major step that should be considered when buying your product. In fact, if after research, you realize that there’s no easy fix to remove the mascara at the end of the day. Avoid such to prevent losing the strands of your lashes. However, if the product comes with a mascara removal, either attached or separately bought; then, you can consider getting the product. 

How then should you remove mascara from your lashes without affecting the lashes?

  • Use lukewarm water to get rid of the mascara.
  • First, get a cotton-boll or material, soak in warm water, and dab along with your mascara in a circular motion; this should remove the mascara.
  • Wipe clean using a cotton towel (clean and dry).
  • Where the above fails, get a mascara removal.

FAQ’s on Japanese Mascaras

Q. Are Japanese Mascaras good for your eyelashes?

Yes, they are. Japanese lashes are well known for their formulation process and ingredients. They all added to nourish your lashes and keep them healthy and growing.  

Q. What are the best Japanese Mascaras?

Every product discussed here today was picked as a result of their key ingredients. However, the Heroine Make Long waterproof mascara has become a great resource for makeup directors and citizens of Japan.

Q. Why is waterproof mascara bad for you?

Of course, whatever has an advantage has a disadvantage also. In this case, excessive use of waterproof mascara effects, they can cause your lashes to dry out due to the silicon and wax contained in the formula. Therefore, carefully make use of the mascara products reasonably.


Mascara application is an act that has come to stay when you are adding finishing touches to your makeup. However, because of the strategic location of your eyelashes, anything done to it can either add elegance to your makeup or defeat the whole process entirely. 

As a result of this, Japanese mascaras have been designed with amazing features that put a lot into consideration. They contain nutrients that help improve the overall health of your eyelash, making it longer or thicker.

Therefore, you must purchase the best Japanese waterproof mascara capable of lasting for a long time without getting ruined by tears, sweat, water, or oil. The products discussed here will guide you to make the right decision for a start, so feel free to make your choice. 

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