Best Japanese Hair Dyes Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Best Japanese Hair Dye

Hair dyeing is the new fashion trend. So many people are interested in keeping up with this trend. If you love coloring your hair too, you should try Japanese hair dyes.

The best Japanese hair dye comes in different color shades. They are easy to use; one can just stay home and create magic. These products make hair unique and also enhance hair growth.

Now, that feels like frosting on your cake, right? We have personally performed a lot of tests on hair dyes, and after rounds of research, the below products have been picked out for you.

In this post, we will provide the best Japanese hair dye available for all hair types and also included an in-depth buying guide that will help you to select the best available option in the market.

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Table of Contents

Top 10 Japanese Hair Dyes

1. Dariya Palty Dark Hair Dye


This particular Japanese hair dye is a 2 in 1 parcel that provides lasting color change to your hair and nourishes it. The result will leave your hair supple and radiant.

The eight components of Dariya react together to give your hair a glorious feel. These components are majorly herbal extracts. The grape, orange, and apricot oils lubricate the hair, while the apple, peach, and lemon extracts soften the hair strands. 

The seaweed component locks water in the hair and the silk protein is responsible for the color effect. There’s an instructional guide in English in the kit.

  • It contains a seaweed extract component, which discourages hair moisture loss
  • The dye color has a lasting effect
  • There is a brush type nuzzle for easy and uniform application
  • It is not advisable to use after hair perming
  • The components are harsh, therefore may cause skin irritations

2. Liese Hair Dye by Kao


Kao is exceptional for her Japanese products. It is produced in about 17 different enticing colors; you’d want to try all. This product is one of the best Japanese hair dye available for brittle hair.

Liese hair dye comes with a developer for easy mixing and application. All you have to do is to massage the soft foam into your hair gently. This action makes foamy dye enter the hair with ease, even the innermost layers. This dye contains Lanolin acid, a good hair cuticle repairing ingredient.

  • The dye does not fade out quickly
  • It can penetrate the depths of your hair
  • You can apply it on your own without a hair salon
  • This dye is also a good hair moisturizer due to the presence of Jelly extracts
  • It may cause allergy to sensitive scalps due to the content of the amino acids.

3. Natural Black Bigen Japanese Hair Dye


Bigen hair dyes come in a wide array of colors. It comes in common hair colors such as natural black and brown. It is also available in unconventional colors like purple and pink, depending on your eccentricity.

It is one of the best Japanese hair dye suitable for concealing gray hairs. It does not cause hair breakage or irritation. And thanks to the rich organic ingredients, this dye improves your hair’s health for the better.

This product does not require mixing; the hair color can be easily combed into your hair. The color change is effective for about five weeks.

  • The dye is made strictly from organic extracts
  • You can apply by combing it into your hair
  • You get to use this more than one time
  • It is suitable for all hair types
  • It may result in injury when combing it in

4. Salon De Pro Hair Color


This is one unique type of Japanese hair dye. It is widely ordered for its anti-drying abilities. Instead of drying out your hair, it retains moisture in the hair. This dye is not scented; hence has no choking smell.

This product is formulated in a gel form and can be easily applied using a gloved hand. It also contains a do it yourself guide and can be done in the comfort of your home.

  • Rinsing out this dye is optional
  • It is fortified with minerals that encourage new hair growth
  • This comes with a DIY guide
  • It may cause redness on soft scalps.

5. Hoyu Cielo Hair Dyeing Cream


Here is a dyeing cream manufactured, especially for women. Women of all age ranges can use this. It instantly covers white areas in the hair in a short time.

The cream contains strictly botanical constituents that are health-friendly. The dye is laced with primrose oil that has a beautiful smell to it. Also, collagen present in this product is collagen that will enhance the brightness of your hairs. This toughens the hair and stems hair loss due to stress and aging.

The dyeing cream is packaged in a bottle with an easy applicator. By pressing the top, you could get the content out and skillfully rub it into your scalp.

  • Aged women can use it
  • The color change is instant and rapid
  • It also maintains hair growth
  • This product cannot be used along with side hair oil or conditioners
  • It may contain allergens

6. Brown-Black Bigen Men Hair Dye


As a man, your hair says a lot about you. It boldly describes your elegance and taste. Sometimes you are mistaken for an oldie when your hair is covered in grey, annoying, right? Bigen Japanese hair dye for men is one of the right choices for your hair coloring.

The dye comes in brown and black colors. It can be applied to just the affected areas. Application is done without mixing, so there is no drips or mess during the process. This dye contains only natural substances.

Extracts of sunflower, honey, and beeswax are added to this dye with the sole aim of improving your hair growth and color. This product does not contain ammonia and peroxide. Therefore, you are not at any health risk when you use it.

  • This dye is health-friendly
  • It does not contain ammonia
  • There is no peroxide in the dye
  • It is harsh on the eye brows and lashes

7. Rishiri Hair Coloring Stick


From ages past, Hokkaido’s dwellers in Japan have used this dye to color their grey hairs. The hair coloring stick is a recent addition to Rishiri products. Rishiri dyes are naturally made and do not cause itchiness on the hair scalp. 

This coloring pen is used in dyeing targeted areas of the hair. It can be easily carried and applied. Washing is not required; hence coloring grey hairlines, sideburns, etc. can be done outside the home.

The active ingredient in this stick is sea kelp. Sea kelp is believed to be an essential food of the hair. This extract has a cooling feel on the hair and can be used on sensitive skin with no cause for alarm.

  • There is no need for washing after using
  • It does not cause skin burns
  • The coloring stick can be carried around easily
  • Color change is gradual and slow
  • It may be stressful to use if the grey area is wide

8. Brain Cosmos Japanese Seaweed Extract Dye


Here is one hair dye that uses a purely natural substance to give the desired color effect. This product does not have chemical additives and is fit for all hair types. The fascinating thing about brain cosmos dye is, with each re-application, it gives better color change.

This dye is processed traditionally from seaweed extracts by the Japanese. This is one of the best Japanese hair dye if you react readily to synthesized chemicals. Seaweed is a good hair moisturizer as it reduces hair dryness.

In just 15 minutes of applying this product, rinse off the dye. And you would be positively wowed by the outcome.

  • This dye is hair scalp friendly
  • It can be used to color all hair types
  • No harsh chemicals present
  • It does not irritate sensitive hair
  • Coloring is light and does not last long. It may require re-application of dye.

9. Kao Prettia Men’s Japanese Hair Color


If you want sophisticated look then Prettia men’s Japanese hair color by Kao is the best option to go with. This dye colors your natural hair to a unique royal mocha. This will definitely boost your confidence with the ladies.

The hair color formula is easy to apply. A bubbly mixture will be formed when the dye is added to the developer. When evenly massaged into the hair and the root, the foam will result in a beautiful color change.

Enriched in this formula is an amino acid, a skincare element that brightens the hair. Also present is royal jelly. This encloses water in the hair scalp. Not only will your hair turn amazing, but it will also have a tender feel to it.

  • It is useable by men of different hair types
  • The foamy dye is easily absorbed into the hair
  • It does not drip when in use
  • The colorant may result in a grave allergic reaction
  • It is not advisable for use on a convalescence

10. Anna Donna Japanese Every Hair Dye


Last on my list of best Japanese hair dye is the Anna Donna Every Hair Dye. This product comes in about ten shades of different colors. This product, in particular, has a lovely caramel-like shade to it.

This dye is in lotion form, which makes it very easy to apply. Moreso, it is very gentle on the hair and can easily reach the hair follicle’s innermost layers. This instills the growth of newer hair strands.

Using this dye will add a soft glow to your hair that you’d be continuously asked what your secret is. Not only that, your health’s hair will be significantly improved. You’ll worry less about going bald.

  • The dye is very mild on the scalp
  • A shampoo treatment is needed after applying
  • The color change is light
  • It fades away quick
  • Since color does not last, it requires constant re-application

Buying Guide

Just like other Japanese products, your choice of hair dye is strictly based on your personality. These dyes come in different shades of colors. A funkier person would favor pink or purple shades while a more reserved person may pick dyes in natural colors.

Another important factor worthy of mention is the health benefits of the dyes. Most Japanese dyes have double values. They beautify and simultaneously nourish the hair too. Fear of hair loss due to stress and adverse external conditions are eliminated.

Things to Consider While Buying Japanese Hair Dye

This section explains the factors that one must put into consideration before ordering a Japanese dye.

1. Forms

Japanese hair dyes comes in the following types;

●  Foam

Foamy type dye is much easier to apply. It is readily absorbed into the hair due to its fluffiness.

● Lotion

Lotion type dye is useful for long and thick hairs because its formula is lighter than the creamy type. This makes it easy to incorporate into the hair. However, it may drip into the eyes due to its lightness.


The creamy type dye comes in buttery-like composition. As a result of its thickness, it gives a bold and robust coloring. Using creamy pigment yourself will equal that of a professional touch.

2. Color and Shades

Japanese dyes range from natural colors to unconventional trends. Popular unconventional ones like pink, beige, ash, and so on can be found in the market. Pick dyes in color shades that are most appealing to you.

3. Treatment ingredients

When buying hair dyes, the constituents are essential. Some may cause harm to your sensitivity. Jojoba oil and silk protein dyes are usually gentle on the scalp.

Dyes made of ammonia and peroxide are to be avoided; they have been found to have accumulated adverse side effects over time.

4. Life span

One unique thing about the best Japanese hair dye is its long life span. Some can last as long as two months. What you do after the application is also paramount. The dye’s longevity is further enhanced when you wash hair with shampoo products suitable for dyed hair.

5. Patch test instruction

It is better to buy Japanese hair dyes with the patch test instruction included. This manual enables you to perform a 48-hour test on the selected paint. You will be able to determine whether using the dye can trigger any irritation or not.

Step by step guide on How to apply Japanese hair dye

Don’t know how to apply a Japanese hair dye? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you;

Basic dye ethics

Do these before application

● Read the instructional guide

The wise thing to do after purchasing your hair dye is to read through the manual carefully. Subtle information is often written there.

● Check for allergic reaction

You can do this by putting a small portion of the dye on your elbow. Observe it for 24 hours for any redness, blisters, or burns.

● Prepare your hair scalp

It is not a right call applying dye directly into your scalp. Prepare your scalp, especially hairlines, by underlying it with jelly vaselines. This process will reduce any chemical harshness.

●  Do a strand test

Most users commonly overlook this step. When you carry out a strand test, you will know how your hair will react to the dye. Also, the period your scalp can tolerate the chemical.

Hair dye application process

● Leave your hair unwashed

Dirty hair has a natural oil that protects the scalp from stinging. Besides, the shampoo used in washing the hair may contain incompatible constituents that are anti to that of the dye.

Divide the hair into workable sections

Divide the hair into workable sections by keeping them in place with a ribbon or clip

● Apply the dye to your hair

Start with the root of the hair. Add the dye little by little while being time conscious. Not applying at the right time may give poor results.

● Wash and style the hair

When the allotted time is up, wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner in the dye kit. You can also use a shampoo formula for dyed hair. Rinse, dry, and style the hair, and your gorgeous hair is ready.

Common FAQs

Regularly asked questions about Japanese hair dyes would be answered in this section.

1. Do Japanese hair dyes last long?

Most of the Japanese hair dyes are known for their uniqueness in preserving hair color. This is due to their richness in amino acid contents. Paints in warm colors show a longer tendency than cool colors.

2. What is bubble hair dye?

Bubble hair dye is a type of paint that’s foamy when added to oxide water. This enables the shade to penetrate the hair scalp thoroughly.

3. Does Japanese dye have any side effets?

The majority of Japanese dyes are produced from naturally extracted chemicals. They do not contain ammonia and peroxide, which damage hair scalp from usage over time.

4. Do Japanese hair dyes by Kao have permanent effects?

No, they do not, but Kao dyes can stay in the hair for a maximum of 2months. However, their brightening abilities last longer.


Glad you are still here. Having read through this post, I’m positive you can not wait to get your hair dye. These hair dyes do not break your hair. Instead, they keep it looking flourish, fantastic, and fabulous. Your hair will become an object of admiration anywhere you find yourself. On a brighter side, the hair is strengthened, too, just by using Japanese colorants.

With these best Japanese hair dyes, we have been saved from the stress of visiting salons for hair dyeing. One can comfortably order a product and do a color change in the home. The outcome would still look as though it was done by a professional. I hope coloring your hair at home gives you an exciting experience!


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