10 Best Japanese Eyeliner Reviews in 2021

Best Japanese Eyeliner

In the makeup community, Japanese cosmetics are so much popular around the world and Japanese liquid eyeliner is one of the most famous items. Quality and price are the two best features of the eyeliner.

For daily makeup use, eyeliner is a must-have item for girls. When you go to buy eyeliner, you may find thousands of brands, so it is natural to get confused. 

In this article, we will provide you with the best Japanese eyeliner with high quality and affordable prices.

Image Product Rating Price
deJavu Lasting Fine Liquid Eyeliner
Flowfushi Moteliner Liquid
Cezanne Gokuboso Ultra Fine Eyeliner R
Kiss Me Heroine

10 Best Japanese Eyeliner in 2021 (Top Picks) 

1. deJavu Lasting Fine Liquid Eyeliner

deJavu Lasting Fine Liquid Eyeliner

deJavu is the most popular beauty brand of Japan and famous for eye makeup products like mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil.

The main feature of eyeliner of this brand is that it is liquid-based eyeliner that dries out quickly and you can get a smudge-free look for up to 24 hours which is resistant to sweat and sebum. You can remove it easily by using lukewarm water.

The fine tip of the liner helps you to create thin to thick lines over your eyes. The liner is available in 3 shades- Glossy Brown, Glossy Black, and Black Brown.


  • Water-based fil formula 
  • Ultrafine flexible brush 
  • Quick-dry formula 
  • Gives a glossy finish 

2. Flowfushi Moteliner Liquid

Flowfushi Moteliner

Flowfushi Moteliner has always been the top-selling eyeliner for the past few years in Japan. The product is a nice combination of traditional techniques and advanced technology.

It’s waterproof eyeliner so you don’t have to worry about fading away.

The most attractive feature is that the brush is handmade and the legendary craftsmen Kumano made the brush of the liner and it is available in 13 different colors from basic black/brown to intense colors like pink/yellow.


  • Glides on smoothly 
  • Great for sensitive skin 
  • Handmade brush 
  • Available in 13 different colors 



Kate by Kanebo is a popular cosmetics brand among the younger generation as the cosmetics are so affordable and the eyeliner of Kate is a top-selling product of this brand.

The shape of Kate Super sharp liner is beautiful along with a multifaceted surface that provides you fit fingertips perfectly. You can easily draw precise lines as the brush has a super-fine and soft tip. Also, it is waterproof and smudge resistant as well as it has three different colors that are bitter brown, dark brown, intense black.


  • Affordable 
  • Superfine soft tip 
  • Available in 3 different colors 
  • Smudge resistance 

4. Cezanne Gokuboso Ultra Fine Eyeliner R

Cezanne Gokuboso Ultra Fine Eyeliner

The liner comes with an ultra-fine felt tip that allows you to draw dark and thin lines precisely. It is extremely long-lasting that you don’t have to worry about fading up even if you are working in the office or in the class.

It contains highly moisturizing ingredients moreover it is smudge-free and you can remove it easily with makeup cleanser.


  • Made with moisturizing ingredients 
  • Extremely long lasting 
  • Can be removed with make up cleanser 
  • Color is so dark 

5. Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

Kiss Me Heroine

This waterproof and oil-proof feature of the liner makes it unique and is available in various shades- jet-black, bitter brown to brown-black. It is super resistant to water, tears, and sebum and that keeps the line super clean for a long time.

It has 4 types of serum components that boost up the moisturizers of your eyelid. You can remove it easily with lukewarm water or makeup remover.


  • Oil-proof and waterproof formula 
  • Comes with  4 types of serum components
  • Ultra-thin brush tip
  • Creates super-sharp point 

6. Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner

Love Liner Liquid

The interesting feature of this liner is that it comes with an ultra-fine 0.1 mm brush tip and it paints precise lines.

It has smudge-free and fast-drying elements that provide you a stunning makeup look all day long. The liner can hold the pigmentations for a long time and it comes with 5 different shades.


  • Smooth and fine brush 
  • Great to get the perfect winged eyeliner 
  • Fast-drying elements 
  • Available in 5 different colors 

7. K-palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24 WP

K-palette Real Lasting Eyeliner

K -palette has been trending for almost 10 years in the makeup community as it produces affordable and amazing quality products. The eyeliner of this brand is highly long-lasting that will lock your eye makeup throughout the day.

It has moisturizing ingredients with high color development and the brush of it has a perfect firmness that makes it easy to draw the line. It moisturizes your eyelid so your eyes won’t feel any discomfort or dehydration. It is available in 5 different shades- Brown Black, Black, Natural Black, Shimmer Brown, Deep brown.


  • Perfectly firmed brush 
  • Moisturizes eyelid 
  • Has super Sharp 0.05mm Line
  • Safe for sensitive skin 

8. Kanebo KATE Super Sharp Liner EX BK-1

Kanebo KATE Super

Kanebo Eyeliner will help you to draw a sharp and super thin line, which can make your makeup look more natural. Also, you will get an extra-fine brush that makes the application so easy. 

You can create a smudge-free eye look, the line will remain steady and won’t slide in hands. Along with these, you can make the crispy finish with the fine brush as well as you will be able to fill the gaps between the lashes. 

You can also make straight lines without bumps and creases. The eyeliner is easy to remove, you can remove this with lukewarm water. So, this eyeliner can your best choice to draw super fine lines. 


  • Comes with an extra-fine brush 
  • Glides so smoothly 
  • Easy to remove 
  • Dries fast 

 9. AVANCE’ Joli et Joli et black


If you are searching for a natural-looking eyeliner, you can go for this. You can draw fine thin lines with its pen applicator and the pen is so convenient to use and to cover the corners of your eye area. It comes with the formula of both water resistance and oil resistance, so you don’t have to worry about smudging. The formula is a little bit thin, so you can easily make the crispy finish of your lash corners. 

The great thing about the liner is that it is suitable for all skin types, so it won’t irritate your skin or eye areas. So, you can take this eyeliner as your choice and you will get this at a very affordable price than others. 


  • Convenient pen applicator 
  • Suitable for all skin types 
  • Affordable price 
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof 

10. Majolica Majorca Gel Liquid Liner

Majolica Liner

The eyeliner comes with a very luxurious packaging that makes it more attractive to use. Bit only for packaging, the liner blends so nicely that you can make an eye-catching and dramatic look with it. It is easy to apply and you can create your favorite eye look easily. 

The waterproof liquid eyeliner gives an intense glossy look and the smudge-free formula will keep the line and corners sharp throughout the day. The liquid volume of the eyeliner is adjustable, so you can adjust the amount as per your wish. 

Along with this, you will get a wide range of colors to choose from, so if you are looking for an effective eyeliner then it can be the best match for you.


  • Available in many colors 
  • Dries quickly
  • Blending capacity is good 
  • Long-lasting 


In this article, we have covered available information on the best Japanese eyeliner that you check out before buying.

The market of Japanese eyeliner is huge so you have to make your decision wisely in order to choose the best option.

So we recommend you to go through the above reviews and choose the product that best suits your requirements.

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