Best Japanese Body Lotion in 2021 (Latest Reviews)

top rated Japanese body lotion reviews

The saying you are addressed the way you appear does not only refer to your outfits. Having smooth and silky skin is also your appearance. With Japanese body lotion, this is a reality. Japanese body lotions are made from unique and natural ingredients. which gives your deep nursing and are safer to use.

These ingredients are immensely beneficial to the skin. They provide 24 hours of protection, hydration, etc. to the skin. And also soften the skins by removing dried out skin cells. After conducting a series of tests on these products, we have carefully selected them just for you. Be rest assured, it will be worth every penny spent. 

In this article, After hours of researching and scanning online reviews, We have reviewed 10 Japanese body lotion including their key feature, which are best today in the market. Also have included a buying guide that will help you choose lotion which are best as per your requirements. Further included FAQ section further to answer your most asked queries.

Let’s start first with reviews!

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Table of Contents

10 Best Japanese Body Lotion

1. Ultra Shea Body Lotion

ultra shea lotion

Are you tired of using products that are harsh on your sensitive skin? Do you need a mild lotion for your skin? Then, ultra shea body lotion is one of the best Japanese body lotion choices you are looking for. Ultra shea is gentle on the skin and does not cause skin redness. Many customers testified to this.

This product is gracefully manufactured with shea butter, aloe butter, and cocoa butter. This gives off an alluring scent. Aloe butter not only relaxes the skin, but it also prevents the activities of microbes on the skin.

Shea butter is a rich source of vitamins A and E. They are good skin repairers, they revive dead cells and also good skin moisturizers. Cocoa butter heals the skin of inflammations, rashes, and other skin defects caused by adverse conditions.


  • It contains shea butter
  • It contains cocoa butter
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • It repairs damaged skin cells

2. Yu-Skin-A Cream

yuku baby cream

Here is one of the premium beauty product. This lotion is a product of the top-rated Japanese brand YuSKIN. It is popularly known for its relaxing and soothing effects on the skin, mainly dry ones. Made strictly from natural plant extracts.

It has a gentle feel on the skin and does not cause skin cracks. It can also be applied to other parts of the skin, including the face and hands. This lotion does not contain artificial coloring and fragrance.

Blended with the Yu-Skin-A cream is vitamin E. Vitamin E is a beautiful skin moisturizer that keeps the skin supple. It also removes dead cells from the skin that makes it fresh and renewed. Buy this lotion today, and you will thank me later.


  • It is suitable for dry skins
  • It does not contain artificial fragrance
  • It is colorless
  • It does not lead to skin breakage

3. Curél Healing Japanese Body Lotion

curel japanese body lotion

Curél healing lotion is one of  the affordable moisturizer suitable for dry and sensitive skin types. This lotion keeps the skin moist and soft at all times. It contains ingredients that are skin-friendly and do not cause itchiness or irritation.

The lotion is not oily, and hence it is easily absorbed by the skin. Another unique thing about curél lotion is the active ingredient. It contains a ceramide complex, which is a good skin hydrant. Ceramide helps to increase the moisture level in the skin.

Using this lotion will protect your skin from dryness even during hot seasons. The healing powers of this product cannot be undermined. When applied on the skin, it also removes dead skin cells and regenerates new ones and keeps it glowing.


  • It is approved by a Dermatologist
  • Absence of irritants
  • The active ingredient is Ceramide complex
  • Easily absorbed into the skin
  • It protects the skin from drying out

4.      Yu-Be Lotion

yu be Japanese body lotion

Yu-Be lotion is a multipurpose moisturizer for all kinds of skin. It is an excellent moisturizing product with extraordinary healing powers. When applied to the body, old dead cells are removed. This allows new cells to develop, therefore making the skin fresh and new. It can also be applied to damaged heels, elbows, and knees to rejuvenate affected areas.

This body cream contains two significant ingredients Vitamin C and Riboflavin. These ingredients are necessary for healthy skins. Vitamin C is an excellent catalyst for collagen production, which strengthens the skin. It also helps to revive dead skin cells and keeps them healthy.

Riboflavin, in turn, is an antibacterial that rids the skin of acne and also stubborn spots and scars. This lotion is perfect for your dry and sensitive skin.


  • Use of pump applicator for easy application
  • Acne growth inhibitor
  • Spots and scars removal
  • Vitamin fortified body cream

5.      Hada Labo Moist Body Lotion

hada labo

This is another lightweight moisturizer you cannot but love. This lotion is made from potent ingredients that work wonders on any skin type. It contains collagens that toughen the skin and make it blemish-resistant.

The non-oily nature of this product makes it a good moisturizer for your skin. It also contains hyaluronic acid, that traps moisture under the skin and keeps it soft and plumpy all day. Irritations such as burns, itchiness, etc. do not happen when you apply this product on your skin.

The presence of caffeine in this lotion is another part of its uniqueness. Caffeine is famous for its brightening ability on the skin. It can also be applied as an eye cream after makeup to make the eyes pop and bright.


  • Non-oily product
  • It is fragrance-free
  • It contains caffeine
  • The active ingredient is Hyaluronic acid
  • Good skin hydrants

6.      ShiKai Dry Skin Lotion

shikai dry lotion

ShiKai lotion is a Japanese body lotion and Dermatologists have approved for dry skin. It offers quick relief to dry outer skin and enhances the production of new and healthy skin cells. The active ingredient in ShiKai is borage, a type of omega-6 oil.     

Borage oil can reach the inner skin cells; therefore, it’s still useful even after it has been washed. The oil also keeps the outer skin layer moist. This product has also been known to cure other skin defects, including eczema.

This cream is perfect for sensitive skin, hence does not cause harm to your body. It also protects the skin from the development of pimples. The oil is unfriendly to the survival of skin bacteria. It also shields the skin against UV rays.


  • It contains Omega-6
  • It contains borage oil
  • Suitable for sensitive skins
  • It is Dermatologist accepted
  • UV-light Protection

7.      Super Smooth Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

super smooth Japanese lotion for sensitive skin

This product is made only from skin- and environment-friendly substances. It contains shea butter, a unique skin humectant. The shea butter prevents moisture from escaping the skin and keeps it soft and silky 24 hours long.

The fragrance is a mixture of blushing sandalwood, white jasmine, and Japanese cherry blossom. This mixture gives off a super lovely and mild scent that makes you smell nice even after a busy day.

Coconut oil and Vitamin E are also added to this lotion. These oils are essential for shedding old skin for new ones to emerge. They are not harsh; hence, they do not result in allergies when applied.


  • It is a good skin humectant
  • Does not cause allergy
  • It is mildly scented and has good fragnance
  • This lotion is rich in Vitamin E, Which further nourish your skin.

8.      Nameraka Isoflavone Lotion

Nameraka Isoflavone

If yours is dry skin that readily reacts to any dry condition, you should try Nameraka Isoflavone Lotion. It is one of the best Japanese body lotion options for your skin type. This lotion has a creamy composition that moves softly over your skin.

When applied, you’d feel an immediate moisturizing effect on your skin. It will keep dryness from you throughout the day. Then you can go about your day without fretting about your skin condition.

The active ingredient in this product is a natural extract from Soy plant, Isoflavone. Isoflavone is plant collagen that builds up resistance against external barriers in the skin. It is also a remarkable antioxidant that relaxes the skin when exposed to stress.

It also contains calcium, potassium, and iron, which are needed for healthy skin growth.


  • The active ingredient is Isoflavone
  • It is a skin antioxidant
  • Has a creamy texture
  • It provides lasting skin hydration

9.      Illi Total Aging Care Body Lotion

ageing body lotion by Illi Total

The next body lotion on the list is Illi Total Aging Care Body Lotion. This body lotion is popularly purchased in Japan for its unique anti-aging qualities. It helps preserve collagen reserve in the skin as you age, thereby reducing the skin’s wrinkling. Even at an advanced age, your skin will look young.

This lotion is produced mainly from plant extracts. The central ingredient, wild thyme, is popularly used in skincare treatment. Wild thyme guards the skin against rapid DNA breakdowns as a result of UV exposure.  

Illi lotion also can energize the skin and reduce sagging. It also clears the skin surface of existing blemishes and discourages their future emergence.


  • Presence of botanical extracts
  • It has anti-aging qualities
  • It protects the skin against UV rays
  • Dead skin cells removal
  • It reduces skin sagging

10.  Kiku-Masamune Sake Skin Lotion

kiku masamune sake body lotion

The feel of greasiness on one’s skin can be very discomforting and unnerving. Kiku-Masamune Sake Skin Lotion is one of the best Japanese body lotions for oily skin type. The amino acids in this product stimulate the production of young skin cells. It also eradicates scales from the skin.

This lotion is fortified with Vitamin A and Chamomile oil. Vitamin A is highly nourishing for oily skin. It rids the skin of excess sebum responsible for oiliness. The synthesis of sebum in the skin was reduced to a minimum quantity.

The chamomile oil eradicates dirt and sebum that clogged the skin pores. It clears the skin pores and allows the easy aeration of oxygen into the skin. It is also intensely hydrating and can make the skin soft like that of a baby.


  • Fortified with Vitamin A
  • Unclogs skin pores Which further let your skin breath.
  • Reduces oil production and make your skin pimple free
  • It is a skin ultra-hydrant

Best Japanese Body Lotion Buying Guide

buying guide for Japanese cosmatic

Many times, people are in a state of dilemma when it comes to selecting body lotions. As any rash decision made may be detrimental to your skin health. Hence, special attention must be paid when shopping for lotions, especially Japan’s products.

There are countless Japanese body lotions available on the market. How does one pilot through and make the right decision, you wonder? This section would do justice to that. Your skin type is a significant determinant when buying Japanese body lotion.

When you understand your skin type. You will be able to narrow down your search to the lotions that are fit for you. Below are the factors into consideration when shopping for a Japanese body lotion.

1.      Forms

Japanese body lotions are manufactured in diverse forms. They include;

●       Creamy form

Lotions in creamy form have thick composition. The thickness of this lotion traps moisture under the skin. The creamy Japanese body lotion is best for dry skin type. When applied on the skin, they move softly on the skin. It is a good skin hydrant and great for dry conditions.

●       Milky form

Milky lotions are mostly cleansing lotions. They remove dirt from the skin and are suitable for oily and sensitive skin. The oil constituent acts as a filter that stops impurities from entering into the skin.  

2.      Key Ingredients

The key ingredients of Japanese body lotions are what made them broadly demanded and unique. Here are some of the ingredients you should look out for before purchase 

●       Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is an excellent humectant that softens the skin. It provides hydration for dry skins for a long time. This ingredient also does not stimulate oil production. Hence, it can be applied to oily skin to limit oiliness.

In other words, if your skin type is dry or oily. Then, your focus should be on lotions with Hyaluronic acid.

●       Ceramides complex

Ceramides are generally known to prevent skin moisture loss. The complex traps water under the skin that makes it succulent. Skins with defects such as eczema are advised to use Japanese body lotions with ceramides. Studies have shown they help restore such skin back to normalcy.

●       Essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids include shea butter, aloe butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, etc. These fatty acids are referred to as the fuel of skin cells required to stimulate new skin cells’ production. This makes the skin healthy and robust.

Aside from this, shea butter is a rich source of Vitamins A, and E. Vitamins A and E are best for sensitive skin.

3.      Reviews

This is another factor you must consider before buying Japanese body lotions. Ratings and reviews are the testimonies from previous consumers that have tested the lotions. They will be able to guide you based on their own experiences.

Japanese body lotions that are highly rated are better than the ones with fewer stars. Hence, buy the highly rated product. Lotions like Japanese cherry blossom, Yu-Skin-A cream have 4 and above stars. They also have great reviews in the comment section. 


In this section, answers to frequently asked questions about Japanese products would be provided.

1.      How to apply Japanese lotion?

According to Dermatologists in Japan, how you apply body lotion is as crucial as the product’s constituents. Patting is recommended instead of rubbing. To apply Japanese body lotion, pour the correct amount on your palm, and carefully pat into your clean skin. Do this until the lotion is completely incorporated into the skin.

2.      Which is the best Japanese Skincare Brand?

Japanese skincare products are famous for high quality, effectiveness, and affordability. Series of companies have invested in cosmetic products such as Shiseido, Kao, etc. DHC is one of the best skincare brands in Japan. Their lotions are cheap, trusted, and tested and approved by Dermatologists worldwide.

3.      What are the different types and forms of moisturizers?

The Japanese have an extensive range of skin moisturizers. They are available in various forms depending on the consumer’s needs. The various forms are; lotions, gels, balms, emulsions, milky lotions, creams, etc. Products in lotions and emulsions forms are fit for use during hot climates. While gels and creams are good for old and wrinkling bodies.


Blemish-free skin is possible. All you need is the right body lotion for your skin. This status quo is attainable when you use Japanese body lotion. Apart from their delicious cuisines, the Japanese have succeeded in the skincare industry too.

Regardless of your skin type, there is always the right product just for you. Their lotions can be moisturizers that keep your dry skin hydrated despite unfavorable environmental factors. Or a Milky lotion that purifies the skin, removes dead cells, and kills skin microbes.

Japanese body lotions also have anti-aging properties and can heal skins that are stressed out. I hope you find this article really helpful. If yes, It’s time to go online and get you a Japanese body lotion.


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