15 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

Having a sun-kissed, glowing and perfect tan skin all time is something that everybody looks out for. And there is no comparison of beauty for such skin. And fortunately for getting such a glow and a perfect tan you don’t need to get your skin into sun exposure for a long duration of time. Staying in direct exposure to the sun can turn really harmful for a lot of people, and can, therefore, be dangerous.

So all you need to do is to purchase an indoor tanning lotion. A lotion that will indeed provide you a beautiful and healthy tanned skin without baking yourself under sun and UV rays.

In this article, we have listed the best indoor tanning lotions followed by a proper buying guide for your convenience.

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Image Product Rating Price
Maui babe tanning lotion
Hempz hypoallergenic dark tan maximizer
Devoted creation blonde obsession lotion
Millenium tanning new paint it black
Ed hardy coconut kisses golden tanning lotion

Table of Contents

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions Reviews (Our Top Picks)

1. Maui babe tanning lotion

Maui babe

Maui babe salon formula is one among the most demanding lotion in the market, as it has several benefits that include sunburn protection. It bronzes the skin very intensively and provide a very original tone which will leave the skin smooth, hydrated, and soft.

This amazing tanning lotion is made with sunflower oil to project acrylic on the tanning bed. The ingredients also include vitamins and Kona coffee extract that helps in making your skin radiant. Also, it is water-resistant and has other essential ingredients like plant oils which will thereby makeyour skin healthy and would keep it moisturized.

2. Hempz hypoallergenic dark tan maximizer

Hempz hypoallergenic

Hempz hypoallergenic dark tan maximizer is the best option for people possessing sensitive skin. And would also be useful to the people whoare seeking to get the perfect tan. The lotion formula includes oatmeal which helps to make your skin glowing and soothing.

It is light weighted and non-oily lotion which quickly gets into the skin.This tanning lotion is gluten-free, paraben-free and dyes free. The lotion formula is made up of mango seed butter which helps one’s skin to remain hydrated and gentle.

3. Devoted creation blonde obsession lotion

Devoted creation blonde obsession lotion

Devoted creation blonde obsession lotion is powerful tanning lotion which comes with many benefits including skin tightening, skin firming and anti-aging. It also comes with an exclusive fragrance of sweet black lotus.

It eliminates the odour of ‘after the tanning’ process. And when you apply this lotion you will lookextremely younger than your age.

4. Millenium tanning new paint it black

Millenium tanning new paint it black

Millenium tanning new paints it black formula has an advanced technology of auto-darkening which bestows your skin a dark tan. It is suitable for all skin types as well as all ages because the lotion doesn’t contain any tingle compound in the formula.

The blending compound includes tea tree extract and caramels which helps in keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day.And it also consists of anti-aging properties. The silicone blend in this tanning lotion will leave the skin smooth and silky. It also leaves the skin flexible and healthy. After applying this tanning lotion your skin smells like fresh and clean cotton.

5. Ed hardy coconut kisses golden tanning lotion

Ed hardy coconut kisses

From the title of the product, it is clear that the main and important ingredients of this lotion are coconut milk and coconut oil. Ed Hardy coconut and golden tanning lotion will leave your skin into golden tan without the bronzers and provide a longlasting and a darker tan.

The tanning lotion comes with color fade protection and cocoa butter, blended along with coconut oil to provide deep moisture into the skin and preserve the skin from getting dry. Along with this, you will find this lotion very lightweight on your skin, which will rapidly sponge up into the skin and make it silky and smooth.

6. Swedish beauty pink diamond tanning lotion

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond

Swedish beauty pink diamond tanning lotion is a bit different from all other tanning lotions.As it is specifically manufactured for professional use with an advanced technology that is not for beginners. Due to t2 technology, the lotion gives results rapidly and makes the skin feel hot.

The odor of tanning lotion after applying is counterbalanced by its fresh green citrus fragrance. Along with this, the lotion provides triple action that includes skin firming, anti-aging, and slimming blend.

7. Australian gold cheeky Brown tanning lotion

 Australian gold cheeky Brown

Australian gold cheeky brown tanning lotion formula is marinated with bronzer to bestow an extraordinary and exceptional tan. The lotion is formulated with multivitamins such as vitamin E and native Australian oils which helps to keep skin hydrated as well as repairs the wear and tear of your skin. 

The texture of this lotion is light weighted and non oily which absorbs instantly and leaves an ultra fine scent after being applied. The blending emulsion contains caramel and henna extracts which give a bronze tint to your skin. And some other ingredients like aloe Vera gel, sunflower oil, tea tree oil, and fruit oil keep your skin moisturized. It can be used both in the inner and outer areas. 

8. Australian JWOW One and done Tanning lotion

Australian JWOW One and done

The Australian JWOW one and done tanning lotion is one of the best tanning lotions which will give rapid results. The amino acid such as tyrosine produce melanin onto the skin, ultimately giving the bronze color to your skin; which gives the perfect look ofsun kissed skin. The lotion is formulated with Shea butter and vitamins such as A or E which makes your skin healthy and refine the function of cells present in the skin. The various ingredients in the lotion such as beeswax are blended with raspberry to keep the skin hydrated as well as protects it from outbursts.

This tanning lotion is effective in one go or a single session and results are pretty much good and gives a fruity smell. The tan look after applying this lotion is long-lasting due to no tingling effect in it. The lotion also contains vitamins which protects your tattoo from getting faded. 

9. Designer skin bombshell 100 xx bronzer

Designer skin bombshell

The designer skin bombshell 100 xx bronzer is one of the most tingling lotions available in the market. The tanning lotion is full of nutrients such as White Tea Extract, CoQ-10 and soy which nourishes the skin and keeps the skin hydrated and healthy all time.

The skin after applied lotion will give kiwi watermelon fragrance. And with a better and nice tan, it is easy for you to break a plateau in a single session and for a darker tone obviously you need more sessions. The lotion is lightweight as it’s not so oily or greasy and not so much consistent as water. You will get exceptional tanning results that are too clear by its title itself.

10. Devoted creations #TANLIFE hydrating tanning lotion

Devoted Creation

This tanlife hydrating tanning lotion by Devoted creations is one of the most liked tanning lotions. It is because of its non greasy texture which rapidly absorbs into the skin and without the presence of bronzers, it will give you a base tan that is quite natural.

The tattoo lotion contains such ingredients which are helpful to protect your tattoo. And it comes with matrixyl synthe 6 in the lotion which is for skin firming and anti aging benefits. Also, it is suitable for all skin types, especially to sensitive ones. It helps to remove wrinkles and fine lines and lotion is formulated with shea butter that helps to keep the skin moisturized all the time.

11. Ocean potion dark tanning intensifier

Ocean potion

The Ocean Potion dark tanning intensifier is formulated with many ingredients such as glycerin, sunflower oil, and aloe that helps to keep skin moisturized and smooth. Along with this, the other natural ingredients have anti-aging properties.

The lotion can be used personally or professionally. The tea oil present in lotion helps to extend tan as it nourishes the cells of your skin.

12. Snooki my beaches dark bronzing lotion

Snooky My Beaches

Snooki my beaches dark bronzing lotion is formulated with aloe vera and Matcha to keep the skin hydrated and soft. The lotion is used for indoor as well as outdoor purpose. The ingredients not only give the best tan look but also nourishes your skin in a good manner. 

This tanning lotion is gluten free, paraben free, and DHA free with odor shield technology. Along with this, green tea antioxidants help the skin to stay hydrated and bestow a perfect glow.

13. Neutrogena Build-A-tan gradual sunless tanning lotion

Neutrogena Build-A-tan

Neutrogena sunless tanning lotion is one of the best renowned tanning lotions in the market. According to customer reviews, we came to know that it has the property to control how much tan you want on your skin.  It is a clinically proved lotion that is lightweight and takes no time to dry. 

You will get a tanned skin in almost 3-4 hours after applying this lotion. Although it contains parabens, it proved to give longe-lasting results.

14. Black sugar black chocolate coconut cream

 Black sugar black Chocolate Coconut

With the title of the product, it sounds sweet as it works. The Black Sugar black chocolate coconut cream gives golden tan after applying it.And ingredients present in the formula of this lotion nourishes your skin by providing the full nutrients available in it.

Also, it does not contain any non natural fragrance and it is the most fragranced lotion available in the market. It is non greasy and easily gets absorbed into the skin. The lotion contains bronzer as well as anti aging nutrients. It is DHA free and gives best results. 

15. Millennium solid black tanning lotion

Millennium solid black

Millennium solid black tanning lotion is the best lotion available in the market as per customer’s reviews. The lotion comes with an auto tan technology and an inbuilt bronzer which helps to get a tan look. The results are out quickly after applying lotion as it is rapidly absorbed into the skin. 

Although it is suitable for all but for fair skin color, it works like heaven because it gives a natural look to fair skin people. The lotion is the best option for those who want the tan to be permanent. 

Benefits of Using Indoor Tanning Lotion 

Apart from giving a tan look there are many other benefits of an indoor tanning lotion and these benefits are listed below:

  • Tanning lotions are very beneficial for the skin. As most of the ingredients of the lotion help to keep the skin moisturized for a longer period.
  • These lotions help to nourish the skin with the availability of nutrients, vitamins, and many natural oils in the formula of tanning lotion.
  • Most of the tanning lotion provides a tattoo fade technology.
  • Antioxidants present in the tanning lotion helps to keep the skin healthy.
  • It enlarges the collagen synthesis that will plump skin and conflict with the aging process.
  • The tanning lotion is formulated to work on the firmness of the skin that makes skin get a tan look ultimately highlighting it.
  • The tanning lotion helps to remove wrinkles and fine lines because of the moisturizing components like shea butter into it.
  • The natural ingredients of tanning lotion help to keep the skin hydrated and preserve the skin from getting dry.

FAQ Session

How many sessions does indoor tanning lotion take to give a tan look?

Although it varies from person to person because of their skin types and skin color. Hence, It may take a minimum of 2 sessions and a maximum of 4 sessions for the desired tan look( according to customer reviews).

Should I take a bath instantly after getting tan?

It is stated that it takes up to 24 hours to get a tan look. Although after getting tan, you can take a shower if you want to.

How to keep a tan look for a longer period?

You should apply moisturizer right before the tan and sponge up the excess tanning base on your skin. This will help to keep tan for a longer period.

Final words

Tanning makes you look gorgeous and therefore increases your self-confidence. These tanning lotions will help you to get your desired look according to your skin type and skin color. I hope this article was useful for you to find the best product for yourself according to your needs and requirements.




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