Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Without Bronzer (Reviews & Guide) in 2021

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion without bronzer

You might be searching for various ways to freshen up your appearance for special events like proms and weddings.

To accomplish that, you must be planning for getting tanned. Undoubtedly no skin looks healthier and sexier than a sun-kissed glowing skin.

But wait, are you planning to bake up yourself under the harmful UV rays of the sun, and then you gotta stop here For a moment.

You must have a look at the best indoor tanning lotion without bronzers reviewed below which comes into play to accelerate the natural and Long lasting tanning.

Tanning under the sun is absolutely not good for your skin as this will damage your skin tissues and cause sunburn.

Let us take you with many options for the best indoor tanning lotion without bronzer so that you can pick the right one suitable for you.

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Image Product Rating Price
Norvell prolong sunless tanning
Devoted creations blonde
Best tanning bed lotion by just nutritive
Immoral black market 200X
AG hot maximum intensifier

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What is Indoor Tanning Lotion without bronzer?

You will find a different color of tanning if you use a lotion containing bronzer. Bronzers are considered to be culprits here because this agent will add color to your skin and Can also transfer to your clothes and fabrics.

These types of products are generally content with a DHA Which functions with the skin to show a golden tan. Bronzers usually help in accelerating the darkening of the skin color and enrich the skin with a golden glow texture in it.

The bronzers present in the lotion results in the darkening of skin after you leave the salon. It is recommended to wash the hands immediately after applying the lotion with bronzers to prevent orange stains.

Different persons are having different skin chemistry and pigment thus it is considered that the bronzer reacts differently with the different types of skins. So a tanning lotion without bronzer will avoid further effects on your skin.

Best indoor tanning lotions without Bronzer Reviews

1. Norvell prolong moisturizing lotion


The sexiest tanned skin found in the tropical places And if you are planning to get those sexy skins on the go, You must try this vibrant tanning lotion.

This tanning lotion will develop a tropical tan on your skin which would be accomplished by all. Your skin will definitely feel enriched as it is filled with many nutritionist ingredients contained in the lotion.

Your skin will feel Like layered by natural Moisturizer action by the presence of glycerin, aloe barbandensis leaf extracts, beta Vulgaris root extracts in the lotion. Also, the L-ascorbic acid presence will confidentially Provide you the sexier and supple skin.

The enrichment of vitamins and oils in the lotion will provide you healthier skin.  Its pomegranate bliss fragrance will mesmerize your senses with feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.

  • Moisturizing capacity
  • Contains DHA
  • Establishes a natural bronze tone
  • Sulphate free
  • Paraben free
  • 100% vegan
  • Might smell unpleasant

2. Devoted creations blonde obsession lotion

Devoted creations

The skin-firming technologies Of this location will help you to get sexy and supple skin on the go. The blonde obsession could have more fun to look like the ultimate tanning goddess. The tanning maximizer improves the skin tone Brings out the real benefit of revita fit.

The ideal lift and the body fit will help to fight with the skin’s sagging which would restore its furnace to show a sexier sunkissed glowing skin.

The matrixyl synthe 6 Will help to keep your skin healthier, beautiful and youthful with its anti-aging benefits. Your blonde moments can be assured by its order eliminator and dark spot correction present in the lotion.

The most gorgeous and the darker tan color  Can we bring out without the use of bronzers By those powerful tanning intensifiers in the lotion.

  • Contains tanning intensifiers
  • No bronzing agent
  • Great skin tightening & firming
  • Anti-aging ingredients
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Antioxidant
  • Tan might fade easily

3. Best tanning bed lotion by just nutritive

Best tanning bed lotion

The stunning lotion will help you to accelerate and maintain your tan longer. This will nourish your skin more beautiful and youthful perfect tan color that you want for your healthy skin.

This tanning lotion is the gold standard according to the customers That can tan a perfect colorless often And can make your tan last longer on your healthy skin for a longer time.

The presence of various ingredients will Quench your skin exclusively that you will start loving your skin immediately. Ingredients present in the lotions are kokum butter, coffee, papaya and guava extracts, hazelnuts and avocado oils which are combined with the aloe vera.

This ingredient presents in the lotion will provide nutritive skin on the go which will help to tan faster and easier on the go.

This lotion can be used as a daily skin Moisturizer for the outdoors too. The discussion will give you the perfect color that you are presuming in your mind relating a sexy skin type.

  • Contains tan intensifier
  • Safe for tattoos
  • No bronzer
  • Keeps your skin hydrated
  • Moisturizing capacity
  • Contains vitamin E and B5
  • Smell might be unpleasant

4. Immoral black market 200X private reserve tanning lotion

Immoral black

Potential bronzer free, hydrating Silicon tanning lotion Can accelerate natural tanning Along with providing a soothing Tingle free moisturizing and nourishment. If you want a hydrated and nourished darker skin tone, then you must go for this product.

It has An amalgamation of tan accelerating agents, caffeine, hemp seed oil, ginger, and ginseng extracts to promote darker natural skin tone, macadamia and jojoba seed oils for a deep darker natural glow, shea butter which is rich in moisture, vitamin E and Vitamin A for the healthier and nourished the darkest tan.

Where it’s premium streak-free Formula will help in accelerating natural darker skin tone, Its tattoo safe ingredients will not cause any kind of harm to your skin. It is great for indoor as well as outdoor tanning lotion to achieve the ultimate bronze glow with the highest quality ingredients.

  • Bronzer and tingle free
  • Contains tanning intensifier
  • Keeps skin nourished
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Safe on tattoos
  • Contains essential vitamins
  • Bottle might come unsealed

5. AG hot maximum intensifier with no heat no bronzers

AG hot maximum

This lotion, HOT by Australian gold does not contain a tingle. The protection of the Natural moisture barrier will be maintained With the help of its dark tanning omega oils Which will somehow certainly Increase its ability to protect moisture.

It provides exceptional skincare by its natural plant essence extraction and important nutrients supply present in the lotion. Its natural extraction of pure plant and botanical essence so ideal and suitable for the skincare.

The combination of the important nutrients, Antioxidants and vitamins Is very much recommended for a healthier and youthful skincare. It is also enriched with the fragrance of mysterious musk.

This tanning lotion can be used both inside and outside to achieve your goals. This stuff really works great as it is very ideal for both the beginner tanners and the Ones who have a base tan.

  • Contains omega oils
  • Moisturizing capacity
  • Botanical essences
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Contains vitasome complex
  • Smells nice
  • Does not work fast

6. Self tanning lotion-Beauty by Earth

Self tanning lotion

Skin is our largest organ and that’s why we need A better way, organic, natural Skincare product To provide nourishments without disrupting its natural state.

This natural self-tanner will definitely work For Your skin even if you have pale or fair skin type. It’s high-quality ingredients are chosen very carefully which will nourish your skin To create a tan without any harm to your skin.

For carrying streak-free sunless tan, this lotion has important ingredients for your skin like organic shea butter, organic green tea extracts, and organic coconut oil care.

After applying this natural self-tanner solution, you’ll get the Sun-kissed glow look you wanted without damaging your skin. It is a great alternative to baking yourself under the sun. No need to worry about the early signs of aging, eating up in the tanning beds, tan sprays, is this lotion will help you to achieve the right color for you.

  • Contains essential nutrients
  • Free from toxic substances
  • Does Not need sun exposure
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Moisturizing capacity
  • Smell might be unpleasant

7. Maui babe browning lotion 8 ounces

Maui babe browning lotion

This lotion will trigger the acceleration of the tanning on your skin as this has been prepared from a secret Hawaiian formula. This lotion has been designed for all skin types weather-sensitive or fair skin.

Very important ingredients have been used to nourish your skin which will help to keep the skin hydrated and beautiful throughout the time. This lotion contains important Hawaiian ingredients like light mineral oil, Kuki nut oil, antioxidants for fair skin, vitamins A, C, E and Kona coffee plant extracts.

This lotion will certainly be an ideal fit for your skin type as this will take care of the hydration, nourishment, tanning acceleration and it lasts longer on your skin for a great time.

  • Contains essential nutrients
  • Great moisturizer
  • Smells nice
  • Accelerates sun tanning
  • Special Hawaiian formula
  • Might not work on fair skin

8. Pro Tan 10X Dark Tanning Lotion

Pro Tan 10X

Our next tanning lotion is for everyone who wants the perfect tan on their skin, and you don’t require exposure to sunlight to get it. The Pro tan tanning lotion works faster than most tanning lotion.

The product contains essential nutrients that help keep your skin supple while giving it a great tanned look. Amongst the ingredients are coconut oil, aloe vera gel, vitamin A and E, and other exotic botanical/plant extracts that help keep your skin healthy.

It works quickly, thus giving you great tan in no time. Besides, the product smells heavenly, leaving your skin smelling like sweet almond. 

  • 10X tan accelerating complex
  • The lotion absorbs quickly
  • Contains essential ingredients
  • Vitamin A and E
  • Smells heavenly
  • Great moisturizer
  • Not for sensitive skin

9. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Tanning Lotion

 Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses

This lotion contains coconut extracts such as coconut oil, and coconut milk intensifies skin darkening. It also includes cocoa butter which helps to keep the skin hydrated always. 

Furthermore, the product is free from bronzing agents, thus ensuring you get a natural tanned look. And your tattoos are safe with this; they turn up looking healthier and glowing better.

Finally, the fragrance is amazing. This is because it contains a coconut fragrance mixed with vanilla, so you are left smelling fresh all day.

  • Tanning intensifier
  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • Contains essential nutrients
  • Coconut and vanilla fragrance
  • Keeps tattoos safe
  • Not for sensitive skin

10. Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer Lotion

Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer

This is the last tanning lotion on our list of best indoor tanning lotions without bronzer. It is made with the end user’s skin in mind, and as a result, it contains natural extracts. 

Some of the ingredients that went into the production process include oatmeal which provides comfort and soothing relief to your skin. There’s also mango seed butter, which helps to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.

Besides, the lotion is free from harmful chemicals such as Gluten, paraben, THC, and nut. With these factors in place, you can rest assured that your skin is in the right hands.

  • Oatmeal soothes your skin
  • Keeps skin hydrated and smooth
  • Free from grease
  • The formula is lightweight
  • Paraben-free
  • 100% vegan
  • Could cause rashes for sensitive skin.

Things to consider while Buying Tanning Lotion without bronzer 

Before buying a good tanning lotion, there are certain factors you must consider. These factors when looked at in detail will keep you from buying the wrong products that could harm your skin. Some of the factors include:

Skin Type

Your skin type or tone is an essential factor you should consider. Do not purchase a lotion that does not compliment your skin tone. Getting a tanning lotion that complements your tone of the skin will ensure your tan blends perfectly, hence giving you a uniform result. You should avoid lotions that contain skin lightening agents because these could cause patches on your skin.


The ingredients contained in your lotion of choice are of paramount interest. You must know the right ingredients that should be in a good lotion. These ingredients include copper, Vitamin E, and a moisturizer. They are all aimed at giving your skin the best consistent tan that it needs. Other nutrients like vitamin B and essential oils are added advantage that keeps your skin glowing. Do not buy lotions that contain harmful chemicals that can damage your skin.


A good tanning lotion does not need exposure to the sun. In other words, a lotion that does not need you to expose your skin to the sun before working is the best product you would need. As a result, a tanning lotion that contains sunscreen is what you need to purchase. This way your skin is protected from the UV rays of the sun, and the lotion still works.

The working duration

The rate at which the lotion takes effect is another major factor to consider. Different tanners take different time-frames to work. Avoid tanners that claim to work with the speed of lighting. At the same time, you do not need a tanner that works too slowly. You need one that is consistent and produces a uniform result.

The lotion fragrance

Everyone has a preference when it comes to lotion fragrance. Some people like heavy-scented lotions, some prefer light-scented ones. So decide what fragrance you want and go for it. But you must pick a lotion with a nice scent that doesn’t repel you or others. Common fragrances include coconut and chocolate fragrances.

Lotion Color

Apart from the fragrance, the lotion color is another vital factor to take note of; this is because several lotions are available in the market, and it is easy to buy the wrong one if you do not know the color to look out for. Tanning lotions that do not contain bronzers are usually white/light in color.


Tanning maximizers are a bonus that you must put into consideration when buying. You need a product that contains tanning maximizers. These would ensure the lotion works even without the influence of sun rays.

FAQs Session

Q1. Is this lotion for a tanning bed?

This lotion can be used as daily skincare for indoors as well as for the outdoors. However, it is not suggested to stay for a longer period of time under the sun after applying this lotion as it does not contain any sun protection ingredient in it.

Q2. Can you use body serum and tanning lotion together?

Yes, you can use both this product together as both this product contain nutritious and nourishment content which will beneficial for your skincare.

Q3. What shade of tan will this give? Light, medium or dark shade?

This lotion will give you a lighter tan when you apply it the first time. If you want a darker training then you can reapply it on the base tan To get the required shade of training as per your requirement.

Q4. Can you shower after tanning?

Yes, you can take showers after applying this lotion as this lotion will last longer-up to 7 to 8 days long with proper training shed.

Q5. How effective is indoor tanning lotion?

Rather than making up under the sun which Harm and damages our skin by its UV rays, it is the best alternative to use indoor tanning lotions which will give you the exact same tanning shed as you get under the sun.


Tanning maximizers without bronzers would be the ideal body tanning lotion for your skin. The combination of the presence of the natural ingredients in this lotion will undoubted li beneficial for your skin. It will give you a healthier, youthful and beautiful skin on the go.

It will also protect And nourish your skin rather than baking up under the sun which will damage your skin.

You can confidentially apply these types of skincare on the go to get easier and faster shade of training that you require.

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