10 Best Eyelid Tape Reviews & Buying Guide [2021]

best eyelid tape

Eyelid tape is the most essential beauty kit among the beauty freak girls and also for those who want to make a temporary crease on their eyes. As you will get many choices so it becomes quite difficult to identify the best option in the market.

So we have reviewed the best eyelid tape that is best performing in terms of quality. Stay tuned with us and read the whole article.

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Image Product Rating Price
D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape
Scala Pro 600Pcs by a Box Makeup
Natural invisible Single Side waterproof Eyelid Tape
Bella Eleganze Beauty Eyelid Tape
Ultra Invisible Fiber One Side Eyelid Tape for droopy eyes

Table of Contents

Best Eyelid Tape Reviews in 2021

1. D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape

D-UP Wonder

It contains everything that you desired from an eyelid tape and that’s why we are placing it on the number one position. The eyelids have a great holding capacity that makes your eye arena more gorgeous and catchy.

The best part is that the crease of the eyelid tape will not come out by water and sweat so you can use anywhere without any issue. The tape will help to make your lid more intense and wide with its solid black and dark effect.

If you are a person having sensitive skin then also you don’t need to worry as this eyelid will not create any itching issue even after applying for a long time period.

2. Scala Pro 600Pcs by a Box Makeup Breathable Eyelid Tape

Scala Pro

It is another great recommendation on our buying list.

If you are looking for something that will solve the issue of repurchasing then this is what you want as it comes with 600 pieces of breathable eyelid tapes. These are the most performing eyelid tape in terms of durability as they are made with premium quality PE and PS material.

You will get the option in two different variants, so choose the one according to your choice and preference.

So if you are looking to place permanent eyelid without bearing the surgery expenses then you can choose one color option from the two i.e. blue in wide size and pink in slim size.

3. Natural invisible Single Side waterproof Eyelid Tape

Natural invisible Single Side

The package includes 200 pairs of eyelid stickers that will suffice for long time use. They are very easy to apply and remove so you don’t need to be panic while attending any function.

These are single side tapes that will helps to glorify your eyeshades. The best thing about these eyelid tapes is that it is brown in color that provides a similar complexion with your skin.

Even if you are not very much familiar with eyelid tape then also you can keep it for a day-long without any irritation issue. Other than this, the tape is waterproof so you don’t need to worry about anything while having it.

4. Bella Eleganze Beauty Eyelid Tape

Bella Eleganze Beauty Eyelid Tape

The Bella Eleganze eyelid tape is the most effective solution to hide up your aging sign and cover the indulgence under the brow bone.

You don’t need to worry about any heavy surgery or any expensive treatment as you will get this eyelid tape at an extremely affordable price. This eyelid tape is very easy to apply even if you are using it for the first time then also you don’t have to face any issue.

It lasts long for the whole day so you don’t need to worry about the glue. The eyelid will be invisible while you open your eyes and defiantly enhance the beauty of your eyes.

The package includes 120 strips that are more that will solve the issue of repurchasing for at least 10 days.

5. Ultra Invisible Fiber One Side Eyelid Tape for droopy eyes

Ultra Invisible Fiber One Side

It is one side sticky eyelid tape that will provide ease for both the time i.e. while applying and while having it for a long time.

The eyelid tape will provide you 100% eyelid effect without affecting the blood circulation of the skin. You will see major changes in your eyes as it becomes rounder and larger that will enhance your overall beauty.

So if you are looking for the tape that makes your droopy eyes more charming and beautiful then this is the great option to go with.

6. Nuonove Double Eyelid Tape


The next product on our list of best eyelid tape is this beauty by the Nounove brand. The products are perfect for puffy eyes with single eyelids. They are transparent and can stay for about 24hours, without looking out of place on your skin. Besides, they are highly suitable for different skin types. Hence, allowing you to apply your makeup easily to cover them and to modify your eyelids.

Furthermore, the tapes do not fall off the eyes easily. They are also water and sweat-resistant. So, you do not need to worry about losing them. You should install them on dry eyelids; in fact, applying them on wet lids is not advisable. The product is perfect for hooded, uneven, droopy, or mono-eyelids.

7. ZMBeauty Double Side Sticky Eyelid Tapes

ZMBeauty Double Side Sticky Eyelid

The perfect eyelid tapes for anyone; this product does not impede blood circulation to your skin; hence they can be worn all day long. They are hypoallergenic, making them safe for your skin without any form of irritation.

Additionally, the tapes once fixed, do not fall off easily. They help give the eyes the illusion of double eyelids, making your eyes look charming while appearing larger and rounder. And here is the beautiful thing about them; with continuous use, your double eyelids become a permanent feature in your face.

8. Beauty Logic Ultra Invisible Eyelid Tape

Beauty Logic Ultra eyelid tape

Nothing as amazing as having an invisible eyelid tape on your skin; it saves you from embarrassment. These products disappear when placed on the lid and can remain in place for 12-18 hours. They come in different sizes (4 in number) and are lightweight, ultra invisible, and waterproof; great for the eyes no matter the shapes.

Besides that, the product helps to revitalize or rejuvenates the natural folds and lines of your eyelids. So you do not need any form of surgery to establish the desired effect of double eyelids. Finally, the tape aside from being invisible can also be concealed with the use of regular makeup.

 9. Delilah Pro Eyelid Tape

Delilah Pro Eyelid Tape

This product comes in two different colored packs, pink and blue. The tape is wide enough to give your eyelids the double effect that increases its appeal, making thin eyelids a lot more visible to the eyes of others. As a result, the product is perfect for everyone who desires to enhance the look of their eyes.

In addition, they are easy to apply and sits comfortably with your makeup on. Often they are placed after applying your makeup. Finally, with consistent usage, the effects on your eyelids eventually become permanent. Thus ensuring you never have to use surgery to enhance your eyelids.

10. Eye Charm Magic Slim Eyelid Tape

Eye Charm Magic

The last product we would be looking at is the eye charm eyelid tape. The product pack contains as much as 176 pieces of eyelids tape. These are of top quality and reputed for their overall effect on the eyelids of their users. The product comes with a great recommendation by persons who have used it before, and who can attest to its authenticity.

It is meant to be for anyone who desires to have a natural-looking double eyelid and with pairs of sided tapes, it can accomplish this task without the individual performing any form of surgery. Besides, the product comes at a cheap and affordable rate. So if you need a product that meets standards and is still affordable, then this is the product for you.

How to Apply Eyelid Tape?

For effective usage and safety purposes, some ways are best. That’s what we would be highlighting in this section. But first of all, it is essential to note that you should place eyelid tape on clean skin. So, the first step without being told is for you to freshen up; a clean face helps ensure that the eyelid tape stays in place for a long time. Afterward, you can follow the steps below:

1. Bring out the strips (a pair) and trim as required

This step can be done using your fingers or a pair of tweezers. Don’t forget to remove the plastic covering on each strip you have trimmed off to fit your eyelids properly. Note that the strip should be trimmed such that they are slightly shorter than your eye width; this way, they don’t stick out and draw the attention of people to that part of your eyelid.

2. Find out where you want to place the tape

To do this, place the strip gently along the portion/crease you want it to be in. Use the eyelid prong to do this. Ensure you protect your eyes as you do so, and avoid pushing hard with the prong.

3. Place the tape strip along your crease

Having found where you want to place it, the next step is to close your eyes and place it over the exact spot you desire. After which you can now push inward with your prong to keep it firmly in place. While pushing it inward, open your eyes before you remove the prong.

Note: If this is not enough to hold it in place, you can apply adhesive to the strip before placing it at your desired spot.

Things to consider while buying eyelid Tape

This is also an important section. Before going to purchase an eyelid tape for enhancing your eyelid, you must handle that properly. The details should include:

Type of Eyelid Tape

Well, there are two types of eyelid tape; there’s single-sided eyelid tape and double-sided tape. Both have their differences. For instance, the single-sided tapes possess adhesive on only one surface of the eyelid, but the double-sided tape has adhesive on both surfaces of the tape. Single-sided can allow you to apply heavy makeup, but double-sided allows just light makeup.


You need to consider the shape of your eyelids; this is what determines if you should buy eyelid tape or not. For mono-lid, hooded or droopy eyes, then you need eyelid tape. Therefore, to know the thickness and length to buy, you must consider your current eye shape.


You must buy something that blends well with your skin tone. As a result, the color of the eyelid tape is essential, as you don’t want people to spot the difference, thus causing an embarrassment for you. As regards this, you have two options; you either buy one whose color complements your skin, or you buy an invisible tape. The advantage of the invisible tape is that it blends well with any skin tone.

Tape Texture

This is another factor worth considering, especially if you make use of makeup/cosmetics. Your eyelid tape has to complement your cosmetics. You need one that looks natural on you, and to achieve that, you might have to experiment and try different products until you get the perfect fit.


Your budget is equally essential when buying. There are different products in the market; each contains a different amount of eyelid tape pieces. It is best to buy one with more pieces but at a reduced price. This way you get more for less the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does eyelid tape work permanently?

No, they don’t. The idea of eyelid tapes is to create a seemingly double eyelid fold on your eyes. This is more like an illusion, and so when you remove them, the effects are no longer there. The eyelids of the users return to the norm. And so the only way to permanently work on getting double eyelids crease is to carry out the surgery.

Although some products claim that continually the products increase your chances of getting a permanent fix without surgery.

Q2. Is eyelid tape bad for the eyes?

No, it’s not entirely safe to use eyelid tape. Although it gives you a double eyelid crease, however, with consistent use, the eyelid skin becomes thicker or looser. Hence, it is not recommended for everyone.

Q3. Can I wear double eyelid tape to sleep?

No, you shouldn’t. As much as possible, do not sleep with your eyes closed.


The craze of eyelid tape is continuously increasing so the people demand various eyelid tapes with different features so choose the one that best suits your eyes and overall personality. Make sure that you must consider the three factors i.e. type, color, and shape while buying an eyelid tape.

We hope these reviews will help to choose the best eyelid tape in the market.

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