Best After Tanning Lotion in 2021 [Updated Reviews]

best after tanning lotion

Who wouldn’t like tanning and the amazing golden-brown skin it brings? It is one of the best appearances a skin could ever have. However, you must be prepared for the ill-effects that could accompany skin tanning.

In the event that it is of great necessity to tan your body, then you should do it with the best available moisturizing lotion in the market. these options will protect your skin against the ill-effects that could accompany skin tanning.

In this article, we will review the best after tan lotions that will protect your skin from the ill-effects of tanning and leave your skin smooth and healthy. Alongside this, we will also add an in-depth buying guide that will definitely refine your purchasing decision.

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Image Product Rating Price
Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender Moisturizer Lotion
Australian Gold Vanilla Pineapple
Natural Hemp Seed Oil Body Moisturizer
Juicy Daily Moisturizer by Designer Skin
Maui Babe Tanning Pack- With Maui after Browning Lotion

Table of Contents

What is Tanning

Tanning is a procedure to darken the skin tone to look attractive and different in the crowd. Our body produces melanin that causes our skin shades, and fair-toned people can produce less melanin than dark-skinned people. So, producing extra melanin and making

skin tone dark from outside resources is called tanning. UVA and UVB rays of the sun can produce extra melanin in our body and get tanned skin. Sun rays are the natural resources of tanning; on the other hand, tanning lotion is an artificial resource.

Types of Tanning

Tanning can give you a sun-kissed glow that makes you more confident in summer clothes. There are two types of tanning, i.e., outdoor tanning and indoor tanning.

Indoor Tanning

It is a process to produce a cosmetic tan, which means it is an artificial tanning method. A horizontal tanning bed is used as the device in this procedure. You have to lay down onto this tanning bed, UV rays will be coming from the device, which your body will absorb during the process, and it will leave the sun’s effect on the skin. It is done by the professional in spa or salons.

Outdoor Tanning

The outdoor tanning process is done from natural resources like the sunray. It is quite easier than indoor tanning and healthier also. Taking sunbath while hot summer days that leave your skin tanned is the outdoor tanning process.

It can take 2 to 3 days to get the exact result per your requirement, but it is guaranteed that you will get great fun and enjoyment during the process. The best time to do outdoor tanning is the morning because sun rays are more powerful to produce melanin in the body.

Both tannings have their benefits and side effects, but indoor tanning is comparatively better than outdoor tanning, as the skin will never let unprotected for hours under the sun.

Best After Tanning Lotions To Keep You Tan (Top Picks)

1. Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender Moisturizer Lotion

 Australian Gold Moisture

The Australian Gold moisture is most effective after tan lotion, and that’s why we have placed it in the number one position. It is mainly known for performing two major functions, i.e., hydrating skin through aloe Vera and vitamin E, and secondly, it will help increase the life span of your tanning effect.

It contains the most efficient natural ingredients that will keep your skin smooth and glowing. It has a scent that smells mildly and keeps your food fresh and enjoyable after using it.

2. Australian Gold Vanilla Pineapple Hemp Nation Moisturizing Tan Extender Lotion

Australian Gold Vanilla Pineapple Hemp

It is another great recommendation on our bucket list. This moisturizer contains a lot of ingredients that will keep your skin glowing and smooth. It contains pineapple vanilla fragrance, and along with this, it also contains most healthy ingredients like glycerin, jojoba, and Shea butter that will refine your skin and make it healthy.

Along with this, it includes vitamin E and B5 that will hydrate your skin and works as an antiaging agent. So if you are looking for after tanning lotion and antiaging properties, it is the best option to go with.

3. Natural Hemp Seed Oil Body Moisturizer

Natural Hemp Seed Oil

The multipurpose tanning lotion will also help to get rid of the various skin issues like itching and irritation. It includes natural ingredients that are essential for glowing, smooth, and healthy skin. Vitamin A, C, and E will provide a mild effect on your skin. Along with this,

Shea butter and cucumber will provide a cooling effect on your skin. The best part of the moisturizer is that it is made from 100% vegan ingredients, so if you are a nature lover guy, you will love to know that It is not tested on animals.

It contains a light fragrance of a clean aroma and flowers. If you are getting tanned for the first time, then trust me, you will love it.

4. Juicy Daily Moisturizer by Designer Skin

Juicy Daily Moisturizer

This daily moisturizer will act as the after tan extender as you don’t need to compromise with your highly rated moisturizer. This after tanning lotion is very easy to apply and lasts for a very long period. It contains aloe vera along with A and C that will keep your skin soft and

moisturized throughout the day. The best thing is that it contains antiaging elements that will keep your skin young and glowing.

It also contains the most efficient ingredients like aloe, hemp, and chamomile to minimize redness and irritation. The moisturizer is nonsticky, so it will not feel hard on your skin and don’t stick with your clothes

5. Maui Babe Tanning Pack- With Maui after Browning Lotion

Maui Babe Tanning Pack

If you are looking for a solution that will fulfill all tanning needs, at that point, Maui Tanning Pack includes everything that you are looking for. It has SPF (Sun Protection Factor) to protect from the harmful UV rays effect.

This lotion is water-resistant and fulfills all your tanning needs with proper hydration along with water-resistant properties. It is appropriate after tanning lotion, but its natural ingredients like aloe vera and macadamia will heal the damaged and rough skin with its fast-healing properties.

6. Sun Bum Original SPF 15 tanning lotion 

Sun Bum Original

If you search for a perfect tanning lotion for everyday use, this tanning lotion can be your decision. It comes with a moisturizing sunscreen formula that will protect your skin from UV rays that can be harmful to your skin.

Along with this, the lotion is enriched with vitamin E and antioxidant properties that will neutralize the free radicals which prevent your skin from early aging. It is great for sensitive skin and also suitable for both adults and children.

The moisturizing tanning lotion is free from all the harmful chemicals that can damage your skin. So, the item can be a good choice to pick.

7. Somewhere on a Beach, Indoor Outdoor tanning lotion

Somewhere on a Beach

This is one of the best tanning lotions for multipurpose use, and the most interesting thing is that it is both an indoor and outdoor tanning lotion and works as both moisturizer and bronzer. The DHA-free formula gives you a perfect stain-free result.

The lotion gives an instant tan look by producing a barely visible effect that seems like a fake tan. The tan gives you a beautiful bronzed look.

Moreover, it is great for both dark and fair-skinned people. As this layer of bronze doesn’t contain SPF, so you have to put a protective layer so that the skin not get burnt.

8. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion

Australian Gold Dark

If you want a salon-like tanned look at home, this is the best choice for you. The tanning lotion works like magic, and it gives the fastest desired result.

You will get the deep golden tanned skin within two weeks; also, you will see the notable difference on your skin. You will feel fresh using it as the lotion contains a beautiful fragrance of caramel Popsicle perfume that leaves your skin and mood refreshing and soothing.

Along with these, you can also use this indoor tanning bed lotion as the elements of it can accelerate the tanning process.

9. SunGodz indoor tanning lotion

SunGodz indoor

This is an indoor tanning bed lotion that accelerates the tanning process by activating the melanin-producing onto the skin to be exposed to UV rays and get the desired tan look. Even if your skin can’t get exposed to UV rays, your skin will still get the tan as it can make a fake tan on your skin and leave a beautiful sun-kissed glow.

The lotion contains all the luxurious tanning ingredients that won’t harm or damage the skin. The hydrating and moisturizing elements of the lotion-like argan oil, coconut oil make your skin silky and smooth.

Along with these, this lotion and tatto0 protection technology also. So, you can get your desired tanning skin by using this indoor tanning lotion.

 10. New Sunshine Designer Skin Bronzer

New Sunshine

It is a high-quality bronzer lotion that gives you an amazing tanned look with refreshing skin. The lotion’s most important point is that the bronzer element comes from actual liquid gold, omega three acids, and hyaluronic acid that gives the perfect golden shaded skin. It also leaves a moisturizing and antiaging effect on the skin.

On top of that, the lotion’s fragrance smells like gilded citrus that gives you a luxurious experience of tanning. The more apply it on the skin, the golden will visible more, and the lotion leaves a gradual but buildable effect on the skin.

Along with these, the lotion will also help you build up the tan though you already have a tan on your skin.

Tips on How to Tan perfectly

If you are interested in doing tanning, you should know to tan perfectly. Here, we will give you some essential tips that will help you to do the ultimate tanning procedure

● It would be best if you used sunscreen of SPF 30

Exfoliate your skin before tanning will prepare your skin to hold the tan for a long time.

● Change the spot of the skin while taking a sunbath

● Don”t stay longer in the sun, UV rays can harm your skin

● Select the tanning time and spot wisely

● Use oils that contain natural SPF

● Wear a strapless top that prevents getting lines

● Consume food with beta carotene, lycopene that protects the skin naturally from harmful UV rays.

Things to Consider while Buying After Tanning Lotion

It’s not enough to purchase any after tanning lotion that catches your fancy as you may end up selecting a product that’s suitable for your body type or that may cause a reaction. Hence, before choosing a product, consider the following factors:

Skin type

Before purchasing an after tanning lotion, ensure the product matches your skin tone. An after tanning lotion that complements your skin tone will give an even and uniform skin. To prevent blemishes, avoid lotions with lightening ingredients as they tend to give uneven and nonuniform skin tones.


Knowing the type of ingredients used in the tanning lotion will help you purchase a product that’s just right for you. Go for products with Vit E, copper, and moisturizer, as these will hydrate your skin, leaving it with a smooth and healthy look.

Also, avoid those made with lots of chemicals, as they are likely to damage your skin in the long run. Furthermore, do not purchase tanning lotions that contain allergic substances as this may cause skin reactions.


Fragrance may seem such an insignificant factor to consider, but choosing a product with the right fragrance will add to your overall beauty. There are lots of fragrances available, both scented and non-scented. 

A sweet-smelling scented lotion will complement your beauty while the unscented ones will suit your skin too. Coconut and chocolate are the most popular fragrances. So, you may want to check them out. However, whatever your choice may be, ensure you purchase one made of the best quality product.

Timeline of Result

Consider the timeline of the result after applying the product. This includes the depth of the after tanning lotion as there are different products with different depths within which they become effective. While some take days, others may take longer. Hence, determine how long it will take for the lotion to be effective before buying the product.


While tanning is all fun and leaves your skin with a glow, it can expose your body to damaging UV rays if sunscreen is not applied. These UV rays can lead to cancer amongst other health challenges. So, it’s important to purchase an after tanning lotion with sunscreen. 

However, many after tanning lotions do not feature sunscreen so you may need to buy that separately. Note that tanning oil is not the same as sunscreen, the former will leave your skin exposed to UV rays, therefore the importance of sunscreen cannot be overemphasized.

Purpose of Use

It’s also important to determine where to wear the after-tanning lotion. For example, if you plan to go swimming, then the best product will be a waterproof lotion. Note that sweat-proof and water-proof tanning lotions are two different things. So, when you wear the water-proof lotion in water, ensure you apply the lotion after you dry off to protect you from the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use lotion after tanning bed?

Yes, you should. Using a lotion after tanning bed will moisturize your skin and prevents UV rays from damaging your skin.

What should I not do after tanning?

The following are some of the things to do after tanning:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Use an after tanning lotion
  • Do not shower
  • Eat dark chocolate

Can I go tanning two days in a row?

Technically you can. However, doing so will increase the chances of overexposure, therefore it’s best to skip one or two days in between, this will give your skin enough chance to produce melanin.

Will an after tanning lotion speed up the tanning process?

Most after tanning lotions are designed with skincare ingredients and vitamins such as cosmetic bronzers to help you look darker in no time.

Why should I use an after tanning lotion?

Using an after tanning lotion will help maintain your tan. Also, it moisturizes your skin as it contains natural ingredients such as Macadamia Nut Oil and aloe vera. Furthermore, tanning lotion increases collagen synthesis, which pumps the skin and fights against aging.

Can I use an after tanning lotion on my face?

Using an after tanning lotion on your face is not advisable. This is because the facial skin is more sensitive than the other parts of the body and may react. Therefore, it’s best to use a specially formulated facial after tanning lotion.


Almost everyone loves the golden-brown skin shade, and that’s why they love tanning. It is recommended to take every possible step to protect your skin from UV rays’ harmful effects.

We hope these reviews of the best after tanning lotion will help you choose the best available option in the market. In doing so, your skin will attain proper hydration and glow.


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